Gary Anthony Has an Afternoon Affair To Remember
Gary Anthony

Photos by Nikki Artale

Want to have an afternoon affair with Gary Anthony? This afternoon affair is a free variety show packed with fabulous entertainers that will alternate between Red Rock Hotel Casino in the Rock’s Lounge and in Club Madrid at the Sunset Station Casino. Gary Anthony hosted the show at Rock’s Lounge on October16, 2013 with a powerful cast of entertainers. Gary Anthony has been a Frank Sinatra tribute artist for over 17 years and has gone all over the country with his act.

Lisa Gay with Tony Drake and The Gentlemen of Thrill Band were outstanding and had the room moving and clapping as they touched our souls with their amazing talent. These artists have been very successful in the music industry with their classic soul and R&B Jazz. I loved their performance.
Lisa Gay
Another powerful singer was Genevieve Dew who has a voice of an angel. Genevieve has been honored with many awards for Best Jazz Vocalist, Best Neo Soul and the 2006 Excellence in Entertainment Award by Entertainment Consumers Exchange.

Mark Giovi flew in for this show and the crowd welcomed him with open arms. Mark has always been a Las Vegas favorite and had regular appearances in many Las Vegas Hotels, lounges and supper clubs before leaving to move back to the east coast.
Gary Anthony           Mark Giovi

Our current Mrs. Senior Nevada 2013 Kat Ray was present at the event and enjoying every minute of her reign. Kat is also a top female Jazz Vocalist and performs at many private and corporate events. Kat is a great representative for the Las Vegas Seniors.
Kat Ray

What would a show be without an Elvis? Greg Miller is someone who actually did know Elvis and has been an Elvis impersonator for over 17 years. Greg Miller starred in Legends in Concert for 12 years and headlined his own worldwide tours. It was good to see Elvis. Long live the King.
Greg Miller             Gary Anthony

Spotted in the audience was Evelyn Camestra and my all-time favorite magic man Mickey Silver who constantly works his magic in any room he is in.
Evelyn Camestra             Mickey Silver

Mark O’Toole joined Gary Anthony on stage and invited everyone to come to see his show on December 4th at the Sunset Station for his Afternoon Affair. Gary Anthony will be back at Red Rock Station on November 20th with more musical favorites. These affairs can be contagious and something we will all want to do again and again.
Mark O'Toole       Gary Anthony


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