Human Nature

Motown is known for its upbeat style of rhythm and blues and Human Nature has captured this beat in their dynamic song and dance arrangements. From the time they come on stage, it is non stop singing and dancing, accompanied by a large live band. The audience gets on their feet and the floor and seats start to vibrate. The room comes alive with the audience singing along. They are full of life and non stop energy.

It is with great pride that Smokey Robinson introduces the group from Australia at the beginning of the show via a video screen. The four men, Toby Allen, Phil Burton and Brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney have been singing together as a group since high school. They have perfected their style after many years of performing together. My favorite songs were “Baby I Need Your Love” by The Four Tops, “The Way You Do the Things You Do” by The Temptations and “Stop In The name Of Love” by The Supremes.
Toby Allen
The group changes many times to beautiful coordinated suits and tuxedos during the 80 minute show. They are impeccable and perfect in their stage presence and performances. Andrew Tierney, who is the group founder, remarks about the “four white Aussies singing Motown”.
Andrew Tierney
There are times when they come right into the front rows on the tables and up and down the aisle and take everyone by surprise as to how close they are performing to the audience. One lucky lady went onstage and sang “My Girl” with Andrew and she was quite good.

Human Nature ended by singing a cappella “Ooh Baby Baby” which was the highlight of the show. They are amazing so go and see them at The Imperial Palace and you will be singing the songs for days and weeks as you have warm memories of the Motown Era.

To everyone’s joy and delight, Toby, Phil, Andrew and Michael met after the show and signed their CD’s and took photos with everyone.

(Toby Allen, Andrew Tierney, Michael Tierney, Phil Burton)


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