It Does a Body Good
An ultimate girls night out is going to see the Chippendale’s at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. From the moment the men come on stage, until the curtain closes, there is mass hysteria of screaming and yelling from all the women in the audience. It does not matter how young or old the women are, they are all feeling the same emotions watching these gorgeous hunks.

On February 11, 2010 the men of Chippendales celebrated their 3,000 performance and 8 glorious years at the Rio Hotel. The Las Vegas Review Journal named it the Best Male Strip Show and Las Vegas Weekly gave it 5 stars. The Chippendales have a cast of 12 handsome, steamy sexy, firemen, hunky cowboys and men in uniform. They are all in top tip shape and have bodies to die for.
The most exciting part of the show is the hands on interaction with the women in the audience and some are lucky enough to be brought up on stage, which is the best place to be when the men, their backs turned to the audience, rip off their G strings and the women find themselves getting a bird’s eye view of the jewels. A few women get souvenirs when the men tear off their T shirts and throw them into the audience.

Mike Easterling

Lalaa with the Chippendales

It is a 75 minute show but if the audience keeps screaming the show will go on longer. I didn’t time the show but I know there was a lot of screaming going on. Sitting in front of me was the cast from “Wonderland” which was filming their pilot film there for a new reality show. Chloe Latanzi, known as Laala, who is the daughter of Olivia Newton John, will be starring in the TV show along with Mike Easterling. Laala had a great time after the show posing with some of the Chippendales. She is very beautiful and looking so much like Angelina Jole. They had a great time.

Following the show the cast celebrated with a cake in the shape of a Chippendale torso and then met everyone in the Flirt Lounge.

The Chippendales perform nightly at 8:00 p.m. and additional shows on Friday and Saturday at 10:30 p.m. For tickets, call 702 777-7776. Whatever your fantasies are, you will find it in the Chippendale show. It may be a girl’s ultimate night out, but they have the ultimate job.


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