A Chocolate Affair to Remember

A Chocolate Affair to Remember

The sixth annual chocolate affair was held on February 5th at the Suncoast Hotel and as usual there were hundreds of people waiting on line to get into the ballroom. Sunny 106.5 KSNE radio station hosted the event with our always popular, favorite people in attendance, Melanie, Michael Neal and Tom Chase. They were on hand to greet everyone and we always look forward to seeing them at the event and spending time talking to them.

(Melanie & Michael)                       (Melanie & Tom)

The thought of chocolate brought visions of sugar plums to my mind as I waited to go into the room. As we entered we saw chocolate displays on the many tables that were set up and it reminded me of a Willy Wonka chocolate factory where you could taste and eat everything chocolate. I loved the chocolate liquors and wines at the Little Black Dress Wines and the lovely ladies that were serving the drinks.

One of my favorite tables was the” Popcorn Girl” that had Gourmet Popcorn with over 50 delicious flavors made fresh in their store. Some mouthwatering flavors we tasted were Heath Toffee Almond, Butterfinger, S’mores, White Chocolate Pretzel, Milk Chocolate Peppermint and Strawberry Cheesecake. The most exciting thing is that you can taste samples of the popcorn in the store, which is located at 8550 W Charleston in the Durango Commons Shopping Center. I have found my new favorite store.

Ferraro’s brought chocolate chip pizza and Italian pastries which were absolutely delicious.

Not only were we wined and dined, we were entertained by the talented Edwards Twins. The crowd loved them and they put on a great show for everyone. Anthony Edwards, as Elton John, played the piano and you could have believed he was Elton as he sang.

Then his brother Eddie Edwards came on stage as Cher and the crowd went wild. Eddie is such a fabulous talent. His make up and outfit was befitting of a Cher. I am looking forward to seeing their show downtown at Hennessey’s.  (Video Eddie Edwards)

Here is an interesting study reported by the BBC indicating that melting chocolate in one’s mouth produced an increase in brain activity and heart rate that was more intense that that associated with passionate kissing, and also lasted four times as long after the activity had ended.

Now that is a great reason to eat chocolate. See you next year at the Chocolate Affair.


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