Brian Hoffman as Red Skelton

Brian Hoffman as Red Skelton

Brian Hoffman has finally put a show together to pay tribute to Red Skelton at the Royal Resort Hotel. The hour long show “Remembering Red” brought back many fond memories of our beloved Red Skelton with his wacky routines, funny jokes and his pantomime classics. It was a nostalgic step back in time with his lovable characters.

The audience loved him as he went through his routine of the two seagulls, Gertrude and Heathcliffe, Freddy the Freeloader and Clem Kadiddlehopper. The jokes were funny and considering that Brian has been impersonating Red for over five years, he had it down pat. The show was 90 minutes long and it was non stop laughter the entire time. Brian not only looks like Red, he actually sounds and acts like him. I was impressed with Brian’s red hair coloring, which is a new addition to his look. He looks good.

This is a family friendly show, with no profanity so all ages are welcome, especially the senior members of our generation because they will surely remember Red and they will leave with a warm spot in their heart. The show is hilarious and everyone walks out with a smile on their face.

Brian Hoffman started his stand up comic routine 15 years ago and has performed in clubs across the United States. He has brought his comedic genius of Red Skelton as an opening act for Larry G. Jones, at the Royal Resort Hotel for over a year now. The hotel is at 99 Convention Center Drive (corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Convention Center Drive)

I must say that my favorite character is Freddy the Free Loader and in less than two minutes Brian sits on stage with his back to the audience and puts on Freddy’s face, and everyone is happy. 

I am the happiest one of all when I get a big hug from Freddy.


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