Hash House a Go Go

6800 West Sahara Avenue

Hash House A Go Go was the place to be on December 1, 2009 because the customers got an extra treat while eating their breakfast. They were entertained by the dealertainers, the performers from Imperial Palace. General manager Jeff Solomon of Harrah’s announced the opening of a second location of Hash House A Go Go in the Imperial Palace Hotel. Jeff said they were very excited and thrilled that HHGG will be a part of Harrah’s family.

Dealertainers Imperial Palace

Jeff Solomon

Jim Rees, Jim Nyberg and Bill Underhill are the 3 owners who have been working together for the last five years. Jim Rees built and ran all the Hard Rock Cafes and he now runs the every day operations of the Hash House. Bill Underhill has a background of an MBA, working on Wall Street and is a lawyer. That experience comes in handy when he negotiates all the deals. Jim Nyberg handles the money and the financial end of it. The three men all compliment each other and they make a powerful team.

Jim Rees, Jim Nyberg, Bill Underhill

Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles, Adam Richman Man V Food, Jim Rees

I searched around the restaurant to find someone who had ordered the Chicken Benedict and I found Julie Ferguson who had ordered it and she was packing away the remains. Her husband Cory had ordered the Pancake Tractor Drive Combo and as he scraped his frying pan clean, he said it was the best breakfast he ever had. Julie and Cory came to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and came here early because they too had watched Man V Food and wanted to try the Chicken Benedict. She said she was not disappointed and it was beyond her expectation and it was phenomenal. She surely convinced me because I will go back and order one. The media was treated to a special giant “Strip Bound” pancake made with bananas and topped with whipped cream.

Julie Ferguson

Cory Ferguson

Jim Rees describes the twisted farm food as comfort food with a presentation. It is the freshness and quality of the food that he is proud to serve and that is why everyone keeps coming back for more. It was a busy day at Hash House A Go Go and I stopped in the kitchen to check it out and it was spotless.

As I was preparing to leave I could not help but notice that the ladies from the dealertainers were having a whole complete breakfast. You can’t resist the urge to eat food when you are there.

Nichole Shields, Lana Reiss, Kelly Vohnn
Dealertainers Imperial Palace
I will be going to the Imperial Palace next week to have one of their delicious meals and I hope to see you there too. We locals will always support them. The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.


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