Rich Natole

Rich Natole

A Repertoire of Famous Celebrities

I met with Rich Natole last month at the Tropicana Hotel for an interview before he went back stage for the Wayne Newton Show “Once before I Go”. Rich talks off stage to Wayne as the voices of President Reagan and Dean Martin and he does a great impersonation of them.

Wayne Newton on stage

Rich was flattered when Wayne Newton asked him to appear with him in his new show. Rich remembers when his father took him to see Wayne fifteen years ago at the Frontier Hotel, and after all these years he never thought that he would be calling Wayne Newton his friend.

As I sat across from Rich I could not help but notice how young looking and handsome he was. I told him that I wanted to talk about the things he hasn’t told anyone before and becasue he came from an Italian dysfunctional family, I thought there would be a lot of great stories. Rich said as a young boy he was quiet and shy in social settings but not in large groups or on the stage.

Rich Natole

From the age of eight years old he lived and breathed baseball until he turned fourteen and then his interest changed to the stage. It was at this time that he started to impersonate his teachers and his friends told him he was very funny. Rich started to do public announcements over the loud speaker impersonating different celebrities. A favorite impression he did was of Howard Cosell among many others. Rich did stand up comedy shows in high school and was quite good at it.

In 1977 Rich got his first job performing two fifteen minute shows at $15.00 a night and a free dinner. He auditioned for a magic theater dinner house and Rich thought this was good because he was getting paid to do something he loved to do. His father was a great support in his life as he drove him to his jobs at the comedy clubs every week in San Francisco.

Rich loves to impersonate Columbo, Elvis, Jerry Sienfield, Jay Leno, Regis Philbin, Johnny Carson and many more. He also enjoys getting together with other comedians and that is when they create material for their acts. Some of their best material and jokes come from these meetings. I would like to be a fly on the wall watching and listening to all of them.

The family is proud of the children, Mia 7 years old has recently performed in her school show and showed her talent as a singer. Mickey, 10 years old does magic tricks so all the magicians in town better watch out for him when he decides to perform in one of the strip theaters. Watch out for Rich Natoli too as he will be starring once again in a major hotel with his Voices of a Generation. He will fully entertain you, so be prepared to watch a master comic impressionist.


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