Pole Expo Competition Is an Exploding Unique Sport of Fitness
Fawnia Mondey
Written & Photos by Nikki Artale
The Pole Classic competition took place September 7-11, 2016 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and it drew pole fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. Fawnia Mondey created the pole competition five years ago and she has once again put together an outstanding five day seminar which included competitions, seminars and workshops. Emcee for the opening night event was Leigh Ann Reilly of Pole Show along with Fawnia Mondey.
Leigh Ann Reilly
The competition consisted of eight women and nine men who were selected from the many video tapes that were submitted for the final competition. Attendees from all over the world were there and they attended the workshops that were taught by the industries best instructors. Just to name a few countries represented, they were from England, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Australia.
Fawnia Mondey produced the first instructional video on how to pole dance and has a total of seven instructional DVDs. Fawnia has judged pole competitions around the world including
World Pole Dance Championships, the World Pole Sports Championships and the International Pole Championships.  She organizes and produces the annual Pole Expo and has once again produced a fabulous event.  

Judges for the Pole Expo were Cindy Cooijmans, Daniela Baumann, Jamilla Deville, Mary Ellyn Weissman, Suwasit, Zoraya Judd and Score Tabulator Jim Weissman.
The evening kicked off with a welcome reception, Champagne and hors d’doeuvres, followed by the opening act of MJ the Legend which featured Jalles Franca and Jennifer Romas, star of Sexy the Show. The show was fabulous and it was a great and exciting way to start the Pole Expo event.

Ruel James a world renowned sculptor and artist was commissioned to create a one of a kind trophy to present to the first place winners. In honor of Fawnia the founder, Ruel sculpted the face of Fawnia on the female statue. Ruel’s work is beautiful and breathtaking. 
Ruel James
Nikki Artale and Ruel James

The athletes were judged on technical presentation, artistic presentation, stage p0resentation, confidence, interpretation, choreography and performance. The winners of the Pole Classic Championship each received $1,000 and an original trophy designed by artist Ruel James. In the women’s division the first place winner was Kira Noire, second place Ashley Fox and third place Paulina Zamora.
Kira Noire
Ashley Fox
Paulina Zamora

Winners in the mens division were Alberto Del Campo first place, Christopher Saez second place, Markus Schloegl third place. Alberto Del Campo also won the overall championship of the Pole Expo.
Alberto Del Campo
Christopher Saez
Markus Schloegl

Also appearing at the Expo was Tomoko, a 70 year old woman who was on Italy’s Got Talent and who inspired everyone in the audience. The entire Pole Expo was inspirational and a joy to experience how pole dancing is changing the world.  Video


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