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Written by Nikki Artale
King Errisson has written a book about his life from childhood in the Bahamas and his climb to fame as a world know percussionist. His book “My Life My Loves” tells the story of his early years of growing up in the beautiful Bahama Islands and knowing that one day he would be somebody. His grandmother knew he was special and she called him “King”. King is known worldwide as an illustrious percussionist, composer and actor.
King Errisson

King Errisson appeared in the documentary “Sample This” about the song Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band in which he was a featured artist. The song defines hip-hop culture and is called the national anthem of Hip Hop.  Filming the James Bond movie “Thunderball” with Sean Connery and the remake of the Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond was one of many films he did. Shortly after the Thunderball movie King released his first solo Album “Drums of Nassau”. www.kingerrisson
He worked with artists as a session musician and was called the unsung hero behind Motown’s fabulous, famous artists such as Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Ringo Starr, Neil Diamond and Lou Rawles were more of the famous artists he worked with.

King and his twin sister Aries was born on October 29, 1941 in Nassau to Josephine Brice Johnson & Pallaman Stevie Johnson. King said he always felt loved and protected by his parents who encouraged him in his love for music, singing and playing drums. He practiced drumming on wood and boxes and any flat surface until he made his first bongo drums from two coffee cans. His book “My Life My Loves” is a beautiful story of how his dreams have come true and having the love of so many people. It is the first of many other books that document his start in life as a jockey, a bongo master, actor, singer and his first world tour with Neil Diamond in 1976.
On April 21, 2016 Steve Tatone produced the “Diamondfest” show and King Errisson was honored with a fan tribute award and other members of the Neil Diamond Band were there to celebrate.
Neil Diamond Band Members

King Errisson has a passionate loving soul and he brings his love of music everywhere he goes. As you read his book you will see his private life that he wants his fans to read because in all his face to face with them, they always ask him to tell them about his life, starting with his childhood. This is just the first book and he said he will continue the story in the next book he writes. He will continue living his dreams and always be ready for whatever comes next.


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