Vegas Independent Film Festival Exciting Purple Carpets and Screenings
Photos by Nikki Artale

I love seeing all the new movies that are shown here in Las Vegas and as all of you know, it is one of my favorite things to do. You can imagine the joy and thrill it was for me to attend the Vegas Independent Film Festival VIFF! that was held May 1 through May 9 with screenings at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, the Palms and at Theater 7. The VIFF! opened with the world premiere of Territory 8 to a packed house.  Derek Stonebarger the festival director was excited to premier the independent films which is now in its fourth year.
Frankie Castro
One of my favorite films was “Liars, Fires and Bears”, starring Megli Micek who as a nine year old won a best actress award for her stunning performance. Megli is a star and she has a bright future as an actress. The film was directed by Jeremy Cloe and produced by Constanza Castro who also won Golden Bulb Awards for Best Nevada Film, best actor and actress.

Another outstanding film was “Matt’s Chance” starring Edward Furlong, Gary Busey and Lee Majors. The cast received the Golden Bulb Awards,the light bulbs which  are taken from the “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign”. I was especially happy to meet and talk to Edward Furlong at the after party at McMullen’s Irish Pub. I remembered when he was cast for his first role in the Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and how they found him at a boys club and that was the start of his career.
Derek Stonebarger and Edward Furlong
Nikki Artale and Edward Furlong
48 Hour Film Project Awards screenings were shown in the Nevada Short Film Block and the Nevada Premier of “Two Hundred Thousand Dirty” featuring Coolio. Many other awards were presented after the screenings.
Indie film legend Ted V Mikels presented his film “Corpse Grinders 111” at Theatre 7 and the audience, family and friends was pleased with the feature film.
Ted V Mikels and Dr. Lonnie Hammergren

The closing encore feature film was at The Palms Hotel Casino “Little Monsters” and was written and directed by David Schmoeller. Little Monsters tells the true story of James and Carl, who at 10 years old Kidnapped and murdered three year old David McClendon. Now at eighteen years old the story follows them upon their release and starting over. It is powerful and mesmerizing. David Schmoeller was presented with the 2013 Lifetime Filmmaker award for Producer/Director.
May May Luong and David Schmoeller



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