Penn Jillette Attends Viewing Party at Opportunity Village

Photos by Nikki Artale

Penn Jillette attended a viewing party to watch the latest episode of “All Star Celebrity Apprentice” at the Engelstad Campus of Opportunity Village. He was greeted with a lot of love and enthusiasm from everyone and he resembled the Pied Piper as everyone flocked around hugging and kissing him.  


Penn Jillette has once again competed in the T.V. Reality Show and as a project manager last week he won $50,000.00 bringing the total winnings to over $700,000.00 and he has donated that amount to Opportunity Village. Donald Trump has made a huge impact with his All Star Celebrity Apprentice, where the stars compete weekly to win money for the charities that are close to their hearts.

Opportunity Village invited Penn and his wife Emily to the viewing and used this opportunity to unveil a statue dedicated to him for being a longtime supporter of OV. They were touched by the welcome the received, the unveiling of the statue and it left Penn speechless and his eyes filled with tears.  .  
Nikki Artale and Penn Jillette

It was so special to see Penn and Emily with the children and adults interacting and sharing a whole lot of love in the room. It was touching to see Emily giving hugs and in return she was gently touched on the head as a gesture of love and affection.
Emily Jillette


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