Survivor Stars Party on Celebrity Vegas Tours
R.C.and Brandon Drake Nelson

Photos by Nikki Artale

February 28, 2013 was the inaugural event by founder Brandon Drake Nelson for the Celebrity Vegas Tours which features Reality Stars riding in the limo and buses and partying with the fans. Brandon thought it would be a great idea to invite celebrities to party with their fans and make it a memorable night for them. Brandon has starred in the TV Reality shows The Real World and MTV and is quite a celebrity. Imagine spending the night with your favorite star celebrities at the top nightclubs in Las Vegas. The first stop was Revolutions at The Mirage Hotel and then onto LAX at the Luxor Hotel.
Crystal, Sugar, Charlie
The two day event started with a Survivor Viewing Party in a suite in Ballys Hotel where everyone gathered to watch the episode. It was enjoyable because Brandon Hantz was sitting with us as the episode unfolded and we rooted him on. Russell Hantz who has been on Survivor for seasons 19, 20 & 22 was also there. Russell has been known as the ultra-villain and an excellent strategist and manipulator, especially with the women. I was amazed to see how the women listened to him and did whatever he wanted them to do in playing the game. In real life I found Russell to be quite nice and charming and a lot of fun to be around. Ozzy Lusth has to have been the best player when it came to challenges and in real life he is handsome and someone you want to be with all the time. Words cannot describe the physical body of James, who is handsome, muscular and sexy. He looked great on TV but in person he is spectacular. 
Watching an episode of Survivor on T.V.
Russell Hantz James Clement and Ozzy

I enjoyed talking with Earl Cole, who won the million dollar prize for Survivor Fiji with a unanimous vote. He has been by far the most favorite player of Survivor and never had a vote cast against him. Earl is a wonderful man, a handsome, kind, warm and loving human being and I can see how everyone loves him. His stories about being in Fiji were funny, especially about their own private bathrooms and toilet paper (just kidding). He said he is enjoying his retirement and enjoying his life. R.C. from Survivor Philippines is a beautiful young lady and so very friendly with all the fans and everyone around her. To party with her was a real joy and pleasure.
R.C. and Earl Cole


Survivor was holding auditions at the Convention Center and some of the contestants came to meet the Survivor Celebrities and get autographs and take pictures. Their auditions were exciting and said they were nervous during their tapings. Shawne Sweeney and Austin Sweeney, brother and sister, were among the people who had auditioned and their parents were there to support them. They were sweet and we all wished them luck and hope to see them on the show.
Shawne and Austin Sweeney

Another surprise was a contestant who pulled down her bathing suit to reveal a message on her rear end.

The celebrities got right down on the floor with the fans and played a game of Survivor.
Jason, Russell and Denise

One of the sponsors for the Celebrity Vegas Tours was LoopRope, a custom tie down strap with clips and loops that are designed to hold everything and anything. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted one and I got a Pink one. Owner/Inventor, Jeff Dahl, filled us in on the LoopRope, that it is safer and easier to use than the bungee cords and tie downs and has endless uses and it will never tangle. You can secure gear to your car, RV, truck, SUV and on trees. The product is fabulous 
Jeff Dahl and John Alexander
Russell Hantz with LoopRope

We all are looking forward to the next celebrity nightclub crawl and will keep you posted.
Proceeds will benefit the Poof








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