Justice Entertainment Group Memorabilia is Fabulous

Photos by Nikki Artale

Justice Entertainment Group produces and promotes many events in Las Vegas and the executives have many years of experience in the entertainment industry. They have worked with a who’s who list of starts and entertainers from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Susan Joseph, Chairman and CEO has quite an impressive office with walls filled with the memories of the stars that were booked and represented by JEG. The room is a treasure chest of memories. Susan is a 33 year old veteran and her clients have sold over 500 million records. 
Susan Joseph
A special media day was held on February 15th and on hand to give special tours were President and COO Daren Libonati, Vice Chairman, Jeff Flach and Executive Vice President Jason Finfrock. 

Justice Entertainment Group is responsible for many promotions of the city events and have also represented, managed and booked events for the theatre and nightclubs. Every room is filled with beautiful pictures, figurines and toys. My favorite room was the circus room that brought back thoughts of joyful childhood days and with the lights turned off in the room is was all glittery and magical.
Mickey Silver
JEG is located at 1100 Grier Drive, off Sunset and Paradise Road.





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