Skin City Body Painting Hosts Wonder Woman Art Exhibit
Robin Barcus-Slonina

Skin City owner Robin Barcus-Slonina held an art exhibition for artists to participate and celebrate Wonder Woman in her downtown studio Skin City Body Painting at 1209 S. Main St. The artists created their own pieces of art to celebrate Wonder Woman, the Amazon Warrior Princess.

Skin City Body Painting Studio holds a live body painting demo on the First Friday within the Arts District that also supports the First Friday. On display in the studio were paintings, sculptures and art pieces made by many talented artists.
Penny Pibbets Sock Doll
Sam Gorrie made a Wonder Woman Wig stand which caught the eye of everyone browsing in the studio workshop.

20 Local artists created unique pieces that were inspirational and awesome and one of a kind pieces in honor of Wonder Woman. Alyssa Nott , a beautiful competitive fitness model was masterfully transformed into Wonder Woman by Robin who has mastered the art of body painting to realistic body art.
Everyone agrees that the creations made by Robin are eye popping and jaw dropping and Robin has won many awards and prizes and has won many costume contests. Outstanding are the body paintings of Avatar, Zombies and Day of the Dead, to name a few.

It was a touching moment to see Robin’s son Leo play in the studio. He was right at home and stole everyone’s heart as he talked and played with us. He was mesmerized by Mickey Silver, a slight of hand master, known as “The Fastest Hands in the World”.
Leo and Robin
Mickey Silver and Leo
Robin has an art degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and is known for having the best body painting team in Las Vegas. They create any theme asked for and bring it to life. It is so real that you can hardly believe it is real. Spectacular, creative and beautiful are only a few words to describe the body painting. Her heart and soul is in every body she paints. It was a privilege and a pleasure to watch a master at work.

After three hours this is the finished body and I must say that at the end of three hours, Robin looked just as fresh as when she started and I was the one that was tired after three hours.
Alyssa Nott


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