Minus 5 Ice Bar Is a Work of Ice

Minus 5 Ice Bar is the coolest bar in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Resort Hotel at a temperature of 23 degrees. One has to wear a coat, a hat, boots and gloves to keep warm upon entering the Ice Bar. The entire 1200 square feet of space is sculptured ice, from the tables, chairs, benches, walls and ice sculptures.
Nikki Artale
Gina Lewis, Nikki Artale
 Faux furs and deer skins  are scattered throughout on the benches and chairs to ease the feel of the freezing cold as you sit on the structures. I still felt the cold when I sat down and I kept the fur coat wrapped snuggly around me.

Upon entering the ice bar we saw a fully stocked bar with a large selection of premium vodkas and hundreds of glasses made of ice to hold our drinks in. The gloves came in handy because I felt the icy cold glass as I held it to drink. The glasses are custom designed with New Zealand artesian water.

I had first become aware of Ice Castles and Ice Hotels made in Sweden and Canada and had always wanted to enter one of Ice Hotels, so when I saw Minus 5 Ice Bar in the Monte Carlo, I was very excited to go in. It definitely was a cool experience and I definitely will go back again when the temperature is 115 degrees in the hot summer.
Gina Lewis, Nikki Artale
The Minus 5 Ice Bar is open Sunday-Thursday 11:00 am-2:00 pm, Friday-Saturday 11:00 am -3:00 am.

Celebrity cocktails have been named for a few of the visiting celebrities. The ladies of “Fantasy” have a cocktail named Fant-ICE-see and Frankie Moreno has his signature drink Frankie’s Crown and Coke –o-nut.

Come visit the Minus 5 Ice Bar and see what all the ice is about.


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