Nico Santucci

Nico Santucci
Capone Family Secret Recipes

                                           Nico Santucc Photos by Nikki Artale

On November 2, 2011 the media was invited to attend a Prohibition Party at the luxurious Parisian Palace in Las Vegas, to officially launch Nico Santucci’s Capone Family Secret Recipes. Celebrity restaurateur Nico Santucci made a deal with the grandnephew of Al Capone to buy the 80 year old recipes for his two Capo Restaurants. The line of Italian Specialties include Hot Olive Salad, Garlic Clove, Fire Roasted Red Peppers and thick red marinara sauces, some mild and some hot and spicy.

The thick rich hearty delicious sauces were the best specialty sauces I have tasted and they are now on Capo’s menus in his two restaurants on West Sahara and Tropicana.

The product line comes in a Prohibition Gift Crate, a Smugglers Box Set and a Spicy Smugglers Box Set and can be ordered on line. The gift crates come with numbered certificates of authenticity and a secret recipe card. Michael Emidio D’Arienzo is the spokesperson for the product line and he was excited to talk to everyone about it.

                 Michael Emidio D’Arienzo

Chef Michael Miller was busy all night in the kitchen making trays of huge meatballs and putting together dishes of appetizers which all the guests loved and enjoyed the entire evening.

                             Chef Michael Miller

The Parisian Palace is owned by Nico Santucci and I had always admired the home for many years whenever I would drive by it. Being in real estate I longed to take a tour of this house so you can imagine how excited I was when I was invited to the Parisian Palace for the media night. Upon entering the property, I admired the beautiful grounds with the gorgeous statues and beautiful landscaping.

As I entered the house I was in awe of the beautiful gold staircase and the crystal chandelier hanging down from the original hand painted mural ceilings by painter Thomas Bisetti. Sitting in the middle of the entry hall was a motorcycle that Nico custom built. Adjacent to the nightclub was a bowling alley.

As I toured the house I saw that every room was more beautiful than the next and Nico had traveled all over the world collecting furniture, artifacts and stunning pieces of art to decorate his 21 room mansion. The Parisian Palace is modeled after a real 17th century Versailles Palace.

We ended up the evening by going to the nightclub where we were entertained by 3 comedians and then by Cabby F Yung Joc singing “Left Lane”


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