John B. Alexander, PH.D

John B. Alexander, Ph.D

                                        Dr. John Alexander
Photos by Nikki Artale

Dr. John Alexander a former U.S.Army Colonel (Ret.) has published a new book, “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities”. He gets right to the points and says “UFOs are real. With no prevarication or qualification of terms, there are physical objects of unknown origin that do transit our universe. The evidence that supports those statements is simply overwhelming.” This is confirmed by reliable eyewitnesses and his many years of studies in the psychic phenomena and extensive work in government study groups. In the 1980s, John created a UFO study group called Advanced Theoretical Physics that was made up of members of the military and scientists. One of the conclusions was that the government was not responsible for the UFO information.

George Knapp, an Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter invited John Alexander to speak at the Clark County Library and spend an evening with many people interested in the UFO phenomenon. George Knapp asked a lot of questions about UFO cases and issues that were on the minds of many. George has been interested in UFOs since the 1980’s when he first heard weird stories about things being hidden and tested in the Nevada desert, known as Area 51. As an investigative reporter he asked for six months to get to the bottom of this and he says he has more questions now as he did then.

         Jim Driscoll, Rob Goald, Rick Ricciardi, Victoria Alexander

The Roswell incident was one of the major events that was discussed and the facts and flaws of other incidents. John has for many years investigated and interviewed every three letter agency and he said we are not at the point of answering many questions because we are not asking the right questions. John is an expert on lethal weapons. We should make it permissible for scientists to study these venues without risking their reputations.

                       George Knapp and Dr. John Alexander

There was a moment of laughter when a slide photo was shown on John Alexander’s day job with the “Men in Black”. John has been described as the only known example of a real Man in Black. The movie “Men Who Stare at Goats” was loosely based on John’s life and George Clooney played the character in the movie.

The knowledge and experience he shares is intriguing and I for one can sit and listen to John talk for hours. I am proud to say that I am a friend of John, and his wife Victoria Alexander is one of my best friends and we sealed our friendship bond when I traveled with John and Victoria to Ecuador to experience the ayahuasca plant ceremony. I remember sitting in the rain forest on a tree stump listening to John as he answered questions about the UFO phenomenon to the curious group we were traveling with.

    John Alexander, Shaman Don Luis & Victoria Alexander

 Shaman Don Luis and his family with our travel group in Ecuador

I have always been fascinated with Area 51, which for many years the government said did not exist and then finally admitted to it. Strange that in the years they were denying its existence, we could go up on a hill and look down on Area 51. A few years ago I went to the road leading to Area 51 and the signs were disturbing.

A book signing took place after the lecture and there were a lot of happy smiley faces as everyone waited patiently for John to sign his book and speak to him personally.

John is sought out to speak world wide and at times people will even come to his house to talk to him. On one such occasion we saw former Minnesota Governor Jessie Ventura come to John’s house for an interview. Jessie Ventura is on a mission to examine conspiracy allegations and area 51 is one of them.

Anyone interested in UFOs should read John’s book which can be purchased through Amazon. I have downloaded the book on my kindle and I am looking forward to reading this fascinating world of UFOs.


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