Injured Police Officers Poker Tournament

                            Reality Stars Support Injured Police Officers
Minddie Lloyd
Once again the reality stars of Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race and the NFL players of the Cardinals, Lions and Raiders turned up to raise funds for the injured police officers at a poker tournament in Las Vegas. The Palms Hotel Casino and The Rio Hotel hosted the events. On Friday November 12, 2010 a meet and greet was held at The Rio for the fans to meet the reality stars.

I always attend these events and I look forward to talking to the stars and celebrities who are all very interesting and so much fun to be with. I got the scoop from Russell Hantz of Survivor 19 & 20 as to how he managed to have all the women follow his plans and decisions in the game of Survivor.
                                         Russell Hantz, Nikki Artale, Jessica Sugar Kiper

He attributes his success in leading the women to his way of thinking by a social game he was playing. Russell was modest about how he found the six immunity idols without any clues. Russell was very charming and had a twinkle in his eyes and a big grin as he shared his story with me. He was proud to have won a total of $200,000 for Americas Favorite Player, although he still stands firm that he should have won the One Million Dollar First Prize. I agree, he did deserve to win because he did play the game best. It was the first time Russell attended the Live at the Studio event and I hope he comes back to many more.
                                         Artie & Niki Congero
Donning outrageous outfits once again was the flamboyant Jonny Fairplay who also has a lot to say.
                                         Russell Hantz & Jonny Fairplay
Everyone likes a little Sugar and she sure didn’t disappoint. She was the life of the party as she made her way around the room and flirted with Lane Elenburg.
                                         Jessica Sugar Kiper & Lane Elenburg
Deep in discussion were Andrew and Brendon of BB 11 catching up on life after leaving the Big Brother house in September. Andrew is a practicing Podiatrist in Florida and Brendon is a full time student in CA.
                                                      Andrew Gordon & Brendon Villegas
Fans love to come to these events so they can spend quality time with everyone. It doesn’t matter what reality show the stars were on, they all have an automatic connection to each other.
                                                       Dan Kaminsky & Michelle Noonan
Paul DeAngelis along with Minddie Lloyd of The Injured Police Officers fund (IPOF) helped put together the Poker Tournament to raise funds for Policemen and their families who have been killed or injured.
                                          Injured Police Officers Group
Lacey Jones a professional poker player went all in on the first hand with a full house and she was beat by Russell Hantz with a higher full house. Everyone was very surprised that she was eliminated so suddenly. David Zayas, who plays the detective on the TV Series “Dexter”, held his own for quite a while. I was happy to meet him because I love “Dexter”. David is a sweet guy and everyone flocked to him and lots of photos were taken.
                                         Lacey Jones, David Zayas, Kylie Ireland
Attending the tournament, NFL players from the Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Dallas & Colts, were Anthony Bell, Frank Middleton, Anthony Simmons & Kevin Brown. They are a massive powerhouse of men who stand out in a crowd. They were the gentle giants in the room.
      Frank Middleton, Anthony Simmons & Kevin Brown
We can always count on Sheila Kennedy to give of her time to come to Las Vegas to support all the events. She was given a lot of attention by the Police Officers.
                                         Anthony Bell (NFL Star Player) & Sheila Kennedy
Rachel Reilly wore a stunning green outfit and looked beautiful as always, played poker for quite a long time with the big boys.
                                         Rachel Reilly Big Brother 11
I loved seeing Michelle Costa and Louis Stravato and spending some time with them. Louis will be fighting in a celebrity boxing event at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City this month and given the shape he is in, I predict he will be a winner.
                                         Michelle Costa & Louis Stravato
Hamming it up for the cameras were Jonny Fairplay and Kylie Ireland.

                                                       Kylie Ireland & Jonny Fairplay
Minddie Lloyd presented the first place winner, Richard Spore with a trophy. Richard is a student from Lancaster, PA and came to Las Vegas to play in the tournament and meet his idol, Russell Hantz. Richard started playing professional poker five years ago and has been very successful at it.
                                         Minddie Lloyd & Richard Spore
Derrick Piece placed second in the tournament. Derrick co hosts a radio show on Sirus XM 99 with Kylie Ireland.
                                          Minddie Lloyd & Derrick Piece
It was an exciting two days and we are all looking forward for the TV Reality stars to make their way back to Las Vegas real soon.
 Sugar, Lane, Jonny, Brendon
Russell Hantz & Sheila Kennedy
Alex Coladonato, Dennis Luciani, Louis Stravato


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You met King Russ?!

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Thanks for sharing your great story and awesome pics Nikki. Keep up the good work!

★ ★ ★ KING RUSS FOREVER!!! ★ ★ ★

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