Asian American Christmas Gala

                               Asian American Party                                              

                                          Lord of Harvest Church Group

The Asian American Group once again held a Christmas party for all their supportive friends in the community. The room had a who’s who list of notable people which included many Judges, Attorneys, Police, Military families and the former First Lady Dawn Gibbons. It was a time of celebration and a time to get together with family and friends. The families of our soldiers serving in Afghanistan were very special and it was an honor to meet and acknowledge what our brave soldiers were doing for our country. I was very excited to meet Dawn Gibbons and she shared how she is rebuilding her new life as the Director of Community Relations at KSNV News 3.
                                                       Scott Karosa & Dawn Gibbons

                                          Military Families

Once again Loni Andal, Vice President External of the AAG and John Parris, AAG Legal Council did a fabulous job as emcees of the party. Loni’s humor and wit was the high light of the evening, not to mention how stunning she looked.
                                         Loni Andal & John Parris

Mike Vaswani, President of the AAG spoke to everyone and shared his appreciation of all the friends that came to celebrate and how important they all were to the organization.

                                          Mike Vaswani

There were many speakers who took the stage and the most moving speaker was Sheriff Doug Gillesppe as he introduced the family and daughter Jayla Manor, of fallen police offer Manor. Our hearts went out to them as Sheriff Gillesppe promised that he will always be there for Jayla.

Doug Gillesppe & Jayla Manor

Jayla Manor & Loni Andal

                                                       Catherine Cortez Masto, Attorney General of Las Vegas
                                         Dollie Deleo

It was exciting to see Reverend Thabiti at the party. Thabiti is the inventor of the worlds

First personal time map and CEO of the His words and wisdom are inspirational and mesmerizing.
                                          Nikki Artale & Reverand Thabiti
                                         Reverand Thabiti & Dr. Elia
Jim Baschnagel & Mark Baraga

                        Party Guests Video



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