Pure Spanish Horse Show

Pure Spanish Horse Show
The pure Spanish Horse is beautiful and strong, elegant and noble in appearance. The best quality of the Spanish Horse is the nobility and grace that is demonstrated as he performs in anything he is asked to do. Pure Spanish horses are known for their big oval eyes and their thick mane. They are known for their obedience and easy handling and are a horse of pleasure. Not only were they the darlings of European Royalty, they were the worlds greatest war horse who carried great warriors into battle.
It was an exciting day as I went to visit the horses in their stalls and in the arenas. I stopped to talk with Richard Nickerson, President of the Foundation, PSH. Linda & Richard Nickerson own the Snowy Peaks Ranch in Oakley UT and it is home to P.R.E. Broodmares, some of whom have been imported from Spain.
                                                                 Richard Nickers

A class was held to learn about judging the P.R.E. horses from the world’s leading experts, Col. Javier Velazquez and Mercedes Cort. The class started at 9:00 am and ended at 2:00 pm in the practice arena for hands on learning. (Javier Velazquez)
                                                                  Javier Velazquez

Terry Waechter is the proud owner of FugitivoX11 who was used in the judging class. Watchman Pura Raza Espanola is home to many special horses. Terry has used Fugitive X11 to breed for over two years and about a month ago when he was available for sale; she jumped at the chance to buy him. He truly is an amazing and beautiful horse. (Terry Waechter) (FugitivoX11 winner)
                                     Terry Waechter with her horse Fugitivo XII Winner

Many awards and a $5,000 money prize were awarded to many of the Spanish Horses. Barbara Clark, Executive Director of the Pure Spanish Horse Association did a fabulous job and was there to present the awards. Barbara Clark said she went to Spain 30 years ago on a scholarship and met the Pure Spanish horses and fell in love with them.
Pam Nelson, a trainer and judge, and her daughter Heidi Gaian was there with her horse.
Another winner was one of my favorites. The outfits and the flowers in the horse’s mane were so beautiful. Video 130
A dancer and her horse dancing in the arena were special...


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