Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Larry Flynt and his partner Jason “Cash” Mohney, have opened a mega gentlemen’s club at 5969 Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas. The four story, 70,000 square foot building is the largest Vegas adult venue and the main floor holds 2 main stages. The second floor has glass bottom cat walks and stages. The VIP Grand Honey Suites are reserved for Larry Flynt and Jason Mohney and their personal guests. There are over 20 more VIP suites for all the other guests.

Also on the second floor you will find the DJ booth with direct views for the entire first and second floors. The DJ’s do a great job in selecting the music through out the night. The building has an open floor plan so you can see the entire room, no matter where you are seated. The dancers are experts in their field of dancing as they climb up the poles.

The Hustlers club is designed to host large corporations with their special events. Another specialty will be the wedding chapel on the fourth floor roof top. The view of the strip is magnificent and romantic and perfect for special events. Also on the roof top are hot tubs, a bar and cabanas. My colleague Victoria Alexander attested to this as she climbed the stairs to inspect the roof top. We attended the hospitality and service industry night and enjoyed the complimentary drinks and the buffet.
                                                                   Victoria Alexander
With over 5 bars and many waitresses’ catering to every ones whims, the drinks flowed along with the delicious finger foods. Enjoying himself that night was Mr. Chris, a DJ from the Crown Nightclub at the Rio. The waitress’s were stunning in their outfits and the silver glitter fit right into the décor of the club. There were many waitresses attending to everyone that was there enjoying the night.
                                                                            Mr. Chris

Hustler’s Club is not only a beautiful gentlemen’s club, it is a show place where everyone will want to go. I was very impressed with Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Mega Club.

The club held a few soft openings for the media and the industry and the next event will be its Grand Opening on Sept. 10-11. While driving by, check the outdoor sign for special events and special guest appearances from many known entertainers.


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