Queen of Modern Day Burlesque
Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is the biggest name in burlesque since Gypsy Rose Lee and she is known for her classic vintage glamour. Opening night on March 31, 2010 welcomed Dita to the MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris. Ditas didn’t disappoint as she stepped onto the red carpet looking beautiful and classic in a stunning red gown.

Dita is the face of Cointreau advertisements, such as Contreau Noir and Contreau Margarita. We were served samples of the wine at the reception after the red carpet and they were delicious.

Dita has brought back the glamour of old Hollywood with her fascinating 1900’s looks.
Thousands of sparkling, glittering Swarovski crystals adorn her gowns that are just simply gorgeous. She has been named on many best dressed lists and appeared in many fashion shows.

The beautiful Crazy Horse dancers shared the stage with Dita in several numbers and they were outstanding. She said she was excited to be reconnecting with the dancers. The 10 dancers opened the show as robot like horse guards who had the steps perfected and timed masterfully. They looked identical with their height, body shapes, small breasts, rounded buttocks, wigs, high heels and red lipstick. The stage is small and the ceilings low and they almost didn’t look real in that setting. But nude and real they were.
Dita did an old fashioned strip with a lot of tease. Her jet black hair and her white porcelain skin and red lipstick were alluring and mesmerizing. She is the ultimate pin up girl. A lot of this credit goes to the new Directeur Artisque from Paris, Ali Mahdavi who is now part of the Crazy Horse Show. He was such a delight to meet after the show and he too looked like an icon.
Mid way through the show we were entertained by Michael Jackson and his monkey, as small people puppets, and they were very entertaining and funny. The show ended with Dita in a bath tub and to the joy and delight of everyone, she showered her gorgeous hour glass shaped body.

Dita will be performing for a limited engagement March 31 through April 7. Shows will be at 8 pm and 10:30 pm nightly. The show will be dark Tuesday April 6.

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