Ed Sanders
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Millions of people watch ABC TV Reality Show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition every week and one of the reasons they watch is to see the handsome Ed Sanders. Ed joined the show in Season Two after auditioning for the new designer’s position. Helping him get his job done in each episode are 65 crew members and thousands of volunteers. The show is a hit and it receives over 3,000 letters a month.
Ed Sander’s father credits himself for Ed’s job in the show because he encouraged him to go to a trade school where he learned the art of sculpturing, carving and furniture building. He also took drama classes and started acting when he was 16 years old. He was a natural when he auditioned and it is no wonder why he got the job. Another natural is Ty Pennington who is also a favorite on the show.
They are both on the road nine months a year and film two seasons a year. Everything is donated and Ed said that without the vender’s donations, they wouldn’t have a show. Sears donates $500,000 in clothing and necessities. Ed said that they actually build a 3,000 sq. ft house in 4 ½ days. It takes six hours to frame and they work 24 hours a day. The entire process takes four weeks from the time they pull building permits to delivery of the keys to the home.

Ed Sanders, who is originally from Wimbledon, London, now lives in LA County with his wife Gioia and has 4 children, a son Max 7, years old, triplet girls, Scarlette, Lucia and Azure 2 ½ years old.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Sanders at the World Market in Las Vegas, in the Simmons Mattress suite when he was visiting the showroom. Simmons had on display the new super conforpedic high end Loft mattresses that they put into all the extreme makeover homes. It was only natural that I asked Ed to lie down on the bed to show how comfortable it was.
I asked Ed how they select the families that they are building a home for and he said they look for a story that tugs the heart. The most touching story that he wanted to share was of Lori Piestewa who was the first woman casualty in the Iraq war. Lori was also the first Native American who lost her life in combat. Jessica Lynch was with Lori the day she was killed. In May 2005 Extreme makeover went to the reservation in Tuba City Arizona and built her family a 4500 sq. ft home.

The show is planning to visit some of the families from past shows to see how their lives have changed. All of America would love to see these reunion shows. Extreme Makeover is doing a great job and we look forward to seeing many more years of this fabulous show and Ed Sanders and Ty Pennington.


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