I’ll Push You Is a True test of Humanity

Written by Nikki Artale

I’ll Push You tells the story of life long best friends who go on a 500 mile journey across mountains, deserts, valleys and hills traveling 10 to 15 hours a day for a 34 day wheel chair journey. Patrick Gray pushed Justin Skeesuck, who was in a wheelchair, in El Camino de Santiago, Spain. Justin watched a Travel Channel episode on the ancient pilgrimage and wanted to go on this journey and he asked his best friend Patrick if he would like to go and Patrick said “Yes I’ll Push You” and that is how it all began.
                                                  Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck  

This inspirational documentary shows the support of family and friends, their friendship, their love for each other and the adventure they shared. It is an emotional story with heart and soul and many other pilgrims who were also hiking helped push and pull Justin Skeesuck through the many obstacles along the 500 mile journey. Along the path they inspired friends and people to carry them up the mountains. www.I’ 

Fathom Events along with the Muscular Dystrophy Association presented this message of love and friendship between Patrick and Justin who is strong, positive and optimistic and who has restored our faith in humanity with all the many good people in this world.  

Fathom Events is the nation’s largest live cinema network providing access to over 1300 screens in over 875 theaters across the country. 


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