48 Hours to Vegas Film Goes to Filmapalooza in Paris France 2018

Written by Nikki Artale

The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest between filmmakers who film one weekend, non-stop  and then go on to compete against all other city winners around the world. Each team is assigned a genre, a prop, a character and a line of dialogue and must use these elements to create a short film in 48 hours. It is the largest International filmmaking competition and 48 Hours to Vegas has won first place for the Best Film, Music, Original Song, Vehicle/car scene and Audience Favorite. The winning film at Filmapalooza will have a chance to screen at Cannes Film Festival 2018.

It is a sleepless weekend starting at 7:00pm Friday until 10:00pm Sunday as the teams shoot, edit and then submit it to the 48 Hour Film Project. The script is written, costumes, set designs are selected, rehearsals, shooting, editing and sound are all put together.

Cinematography by Glenn M. Student of KTF Media Productions/Emerald Motion Pictures and Executive Producer Samuel Scheller were part of the team who took pride in making the film which won them five awards so far. Scott Scooter Diel wrote, directed and produced the film.

Glenn M.  Student will be going to Filmapalooza in Paris, France on March 6-9, 2018 to represent 48 Hours to Vegas and there is a good chance it will win because it is a great film.