Homes 4 Heroes Giving 60 Free Homes to Our Heroes

Coleen, John Moore, Maria Miuccio, Ray J
Ray J

 Written and Photographs by Nikki Artale

At a private press conference Andre Haynes, founder and chairman of Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce announced that actor, singer Ray J will host a new T.V. Reality show Homes 4 Heroes. Maria Miuccio, business owner of Cash Kingdom, a State Farm Insurance Franchise and a company that flips homes will be financing the project that will put 60 Veterans, fire, police and paramedics into homes across 50 states.

John Moore

The first recipient was John Moore, a 15 year veteran as a US Army Ranger. John worked on remodeling the house, thinking that an elderly woman was getting the house but on the last day of shooting he was in for a big surprise. Maria Miuccio handed John the keys to the house, valued at $200,000 and thanked him for all his years of service. Another surprise for John was that his home would be totally furnished for free from Coleens Classic Consignment Store and he would pick out anything he wanted for his entire house. John was so overwhelmed by all the generosity and still can’t believe this.

Maria Miuccio, Dan Kaminsky, Ray J

Special guests were the Queens from the Endeavor Pageant Organization who added love and beauty to the event. Andre Haynes is the founder and director and he is proud of the positive impact these Queens are making through their service. 
Andre Haynes

Ray J spent a few hours at the media event and everyone enjoyed meeting him and spending quality time talking to him. I found him to be a loving and warm young man with an open heart and he will be a great host on his new show “Homes for Heroes”. 
                                                       Ray J, Nikki Artale


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