Rich Little Brings Laughter Back into the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas

By Nikki Artale
George Burns, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Nicholson, President Richard Nixon, Johnny Carson and Willie Nelson, just to name a few were brought back into the Laugh Factory by comedian Rich Little. His procession of nonstop voices was the debut of his new autobiographic one man show that included interactive videos of some of the 200 characters he has perfected over his 50 years in show business.

Rich Little Live included many of the world’s most famous stars and his favorite one is President Ronald Regan who he knew well because he spent a lot of time in the White House. Rich also had a long history of guest appearances with Johnny Carson and his impersonation and manerisms were spot on.

Rich Little captivated and charmed us as he strolled down memory lane with all our favorite characters, joking and showing old videos of what used to be. His sketches were heartwarming and brought back the past with many loving thoughts.
Many stars and celebrities were on hand to see the show and wish him well and the time he spent with everyone before and after the show was appreciated. Come and see Rich Little in the Laugh Factory and experience the wonder of hearing some of the world’s most famous stars.
Nikki Artale & Rich Little
Rich Little & Wheels Parise
Pia Sadora & Rich Little


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