Las Vegas Lift-Off International Film Festival Returns to Las Vegas
Written & Photos by Nikki Artale
The Lift-Off Film Festival took place on June 24-27, 2015 at the Palms Hotel Casino in Las Vegas Nevada and was just one of the Lift-Off events being held, with others taking place in London, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. The Film Festivals are dedicated to the discovery of international independent film makers and are treated equally and given lots of support. The motto is to “Look beyond the Gloss. Put talent before technology.” Winners are selected by the audience and this leads to introductions to agents and managers and the international press.

Ben Pohlman and James Bradley co-founders of the Lift-Off-Festival created the film festival in 2011 to support the up and coming film-makers and to make the film festivals free to attend. Ben and James started out as actors and were drama school buddies at The Oxford School of Drama. After moving to London they began to make films for various businesses to make some quick money. They saw the opportunity to create a Film Festival that would give film-makers a place to showcase their independent films.
Ben Pohlman
James Bradley
Ben and James shared that the three most important elements are the films, the film makers and the audience. Most important is what the audience sees from the talent in front of the camera, the telling of the story with powerful words, the direction of the film and most important, the emotional feeling that is felt by the audience. They want to be able to share this all over the globe. Assisting them in Las Vegas as their PR person was Gav Duffy who has many years in the music industry and national PR and worked with publishers, record labels and music producers. These young men were so dedicated to this festival and so delightful and it was a pleasure to be in their presence and I see an outstanding future for the Lift-Off-Film Festival to emerge as one of the best International Film Fests around the Globe. I look forward to next year’s films in Las Vegas.

Gav Duffy
Gav Duffy      Ben Pohlman   James Bradley

There were 35 shorts featured in the Lift-Off-Film Fest this year and were presented with beautiful glass jaded trophies.

Winning full official selections at all proceeding Lift-Off’s in the 2015 Lift-Off Season.

Winner Best Documentary
How to make a Bully from Scratch by Robert Hess
Winning full official selections at all proceeding Lift-Off’s in the 2015 Lift-Off Season.

Winner Best Script/Screenplay
The Turn of Grace by Sasha Fisher
Auto nomination for Season’s Best Script Award.

Tokyo Lift-Off Special Mention
The Apple Tree by Scott Storm
Winning an official selection at Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival – April 2016

Liverpool Lift-Off Special Mention
The Stomach by Dan Dixon
Winning an official selection at Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival – February/March 2016

London Lift-Off Special Mention
Sty by Arpad Herman
Winning an official selection at London Lift-Off Film Festival Nov/December 2015

Amsterdam Lift-Off Special Mention
The Way of Tea by Marc Fouchard
Winning an official selection at Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival Nov/December 2015

Los Angeles Lift-Off Special Mention
LOW/FI by Alejandro Montoya
Winning an official selection at Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival Nov/December 2015




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