Panda Show is for the Family and Children

Photos by Nikki Artale

Panda Show is located at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, direct from Beijing China that has a talented group of performers who are very entertaining. The classical Asian music is beautiful and the costumes are colorful and artful. Before the show you will find pandas wandering around taking pictures with everyone and the pandas become part of the show later. The Pandas are very friendly, furry and cuddly and the children love taking photos with them.

Panda is a 90 minute show with acrobatics, Kung Fu, fight scenes, lots of overhead flying and performances in the aisles. The best place to sit is in the back of the theater to get a full view as a whole and of everything that is going on. The Led lights and the images that were projected onto the long panels and the curtains were colorful and there was a lot of interaction in the aisles that the children loved.

The story is about Long Long, our hero Panda who is on a journey to save his Peacock Princess who was kidnaped on her wedding day by the Demon Vulture.
My favorite person in the show was the little boy who stole the hearts of the audience as he danced and skillfully performed his dances. The Shaolin Monks Monastery Troupe showed their mastered martial arts, the China Star Dance Troup and the Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe were both graceful and calculating in their moves and choreography.

It is a family show so bring your children to see and enjoy Panda. 


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