The Wonderful World of Ms. Senior Nevada Beauty Queens

Photos by Nikki Artale

This year’s Ms. Senior Nevada contestants were poised, graceful and elegant in their self-confidence and youthful beauty. It truly was the year of elegance as the lovely women displayed their maturity in representing the senior citizens in Nevada. In the past I have always covered the Miss America and Miss USA and other pageants of 20 year olds and this Ms. Senior Nevada pageant was different. A pleasantly, impressionable and heartwarming experience of the most elegant women I have seen all together in a long time. I was moved by their beauty and talent. This year’s Ms. Senior Nevada is Kathleen Kat Ray who also won the talent part with her rendition of “The Lady is a Tramp”. Kathleen is a single mom, business owner, singer/performer with her 16 piece big band. She has lived in Las Vegas for 24 years. Nicole Duffel, last year’s winner crowned Kathleen Kat Ray.
Kathleen Kat Ray Ms Senior Nevada 2013

A special thanks to Charlie Christy, Executive Director and President of the Ms. Senior Nevada Pageant who always produces a wonderful event and makes everyone feel like a queen and special thanks also go to Dottie Reed, Secretary and Pageant Coordinator.
Dottie Reed and Charlie Christy

Masters of Ceremonies were Ron Washington, artist, writer and public speaker, and Mya Lake Reyes, who won the Ms. Senior Nevada title in 2008. Ron and Mya were delightful in their introductions and comments throughout the pageant.
Ron Washington and Mya Lake Reyes

Wes Winters made a special guest appearance and entertained the audience with his piano abilities. His tribute show to Liberace has wowed fans from all over the world. Wes Winters plays every Friday and Saturday in the Grandview Lounge at the South Point Hotel and Casino. 
Wes Winters

Another excellent entertainer Dondino brought his Italian charm and romance to the stage as he sang to the beauty queens. There were looks of love and admiration from the women as Dondino serenaded them with his powerful voice. Dondino was recently welcomed home at the Italian American Club after touring throughout the mid-west.



The Ovation Dancers put on a lively fast paced dance “All that Jazz” that showed the energy and showmanship of the group.



Selecting the winners were the judges: Donna Gummelt, Entertainment & TV Producer/Writer; Kimberly Rene, Choreographer/Dancer/Entertainer; Gary Anthony, Singer; Jessica Janner, ABC Channel 13 TV News Anchor; Janet Delaney, Senior Dimensions Volunteer Coordinator.

The runner ups were:  Sharon Klatt, 4th runner up, Rita Marantz, 3rd runner up, Kathleen Kat Ray, Ms. Senior Nevada 2013, Alecia Sobio 1st runner up, Priscilla Strommen, 2nd runner up.
Rita Marantz
Diane Carozzo
Priscilla Strommen
Linda Taner Delgado
Previous Ms. Senior Nevada winners came on stage to congratulate all the winners.
A touching moment was when Dorothy Garalnik, Ms Senior Nevada 1986 said she had tears in her eyes when Dondino was singing to all the beauty queens on stage, and she recalled how it felt when Dondino sang that song to her in 1986.
Dorothy Garalnik and Dondino

Nicole Duffel, the outgoing Queen shared how deeply honored she was to have represented the seniors of Nevada and for making this incredible journey the time of her life. We were all proud to have her represent the seniors for she truly is a lady of elegance, beauty and talent.
Nicole Duffel


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