Las Vegas Comic con Convention at South Point Hotel

Las Vegas Comic Con Convention at South Point

Photos by Nikki Artale

The Amazing Comic Con will be held on June 14-16, 2013 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Times: Fri 3-8pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm and it is open to all ages. Stan Lee, the comic book king and creator of Marvel Comics and CEO will be there signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. Spiderman, Ironman Thor, X-Men, The Hulk and The Fantastic Four are some of the characters he helped create.

This three day event will be jam packed with vendors and there will be a lot of buying, selling and trading of rare collectibles. There will be costume contests, video game arenas and entertainment.

It is a time for the fans and the celebrities to come together, have fun and sit in on informative panel discussions. There will be special costume contests with prizes given, face painters and free sketches for kids 10 and under by Mat Nastos.
Mat Nastos and Charlie

Special guests were Humberto Ramos, artist for Amazing Spiderman and X-Men and Greg Capullo, fan favorite artist of DC 52 Batman Spawn and creator of The Creech. Long lines were formed at their tables for their autographs and pictures.
Humberto Ramos
Greg Capullo
Other outstanding artists displaying their work at was Shelby Robertson and Troy Zured of Venomous Conceptz.
Shelby Robertson and TGroy Zured

Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel Universe, will be making a special one day appearance to take photographs with him and have him sign all licensed items and collectibles.

Jim Lee, known as the best comic book artist of all time, will be doing a live art drawing demo and a highlight to the convention.

Attracting a lot of attention was Jessica Nigri and the XX Girls, an American cosplayer and promotional model who won IGN’s 2012 contest to portray Starling in the Video Game Lollipop Chainsaw.
Jessica Nigri

There were many talented artists on Artists Alley creating and signing their works.
Derek Lipscomb
Jamie Tyndall
Dave Schultz
My caricature

Jimmy Jay has organized the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and he has been building his comic brand since January 2011 in Arizona and San Francisco.  It is a three day extravaganza that will be attracting over 20,000 people this weekend in Las Vegas and will surely grow every year.


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