Boss Lady is awakening the Power in Women

Photos by Nikki Artale

There are dynamic business advisors, or Angels as Kimberly Miles the Boss Lady calls them, who are here in Las Vegas to inspire and mentor women in all walks of life. The Angel entrepreneurs are very successful business women and they are part of a new T.V. Reality show called Boss Lady, which will be airing this fall. I first met Kimberly Miles at an event at the Palazzo in Las Vegas and from the moment I met her I knew that she was something special. Not only is she beautiful, she is powerful and mesmerizing and adding to her power is her husband G. Eric Miles. 
G. Eric Miles and Kimberly Miles
Kimberly Miles and Nikki Artale
On the T.V. Reality Show, women will be competing to win money to further them in promoting and running their business, along with many other exciting things. The Angels will take part in the competitions and the Boss Lady will make the final decision.
  Joan Black, Monica Coburn, Michelle Chen, Stephanie Vehon, Juana Hart, Lauri Thompson

Joan Black is a writer and editor and an expert on writing skills.

Monica Coburn is a banking professional and handles portfolio’s up to $20 million and is a Vice President with Wells Fargo Business Banking Group.
Michele Chen is the owner of Chen Accounting Group and a consultant for the top fortune 500 companies.

Stephanie Vehon is the CEO of Image Empowering, a company that caters to people to develop their self-image and growth.
Juana Hart is President of J-Hart Communications and a former T.V. news anchor and reporter.
Lauri Thompson is an attorney with Greenberg Traurig and focuses on entertainment law.

Kimberly and G opened their home for a party to introduce the Angels and took that time for everyone there to get to know more about the Angels and what they had to offer in their field of expertise. Women will be assisted in their business careers and business development and every week 10 contestants will compete in challenges to show what they can do.
Kimberly Miles, Nikki Artale and G. Eric Miles
Boss Lady will be an exciting new Reality show and Kimberly and G are making appearances to promote the show. Last week I hosted Mike Kuban’s Radio show at All Talk Radio and it was a great hour interview with Kimberly and G. as they opened their hearts to us.

Mike Kurban is host of Celebrity Stars and has written and produced 840 comedies and wants to make it into the Guinness World Records with the most comedies recorded.

Our day ended at Kimberly’s office, the Payroll Company, where she showed me her wall of awards and plaques and where she can be found working and bringing love and joy to everyone who crosses her path.





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