Tanyalee Davis

Tanyalee Davis

Story & Photos by: Nikki Artale

Tanyalee Davis may be small in stature but she is big as a standup comedian in her shows. Standing at 3’6” she is a bundle of endless stories that ring true for many fans. Tanyalee has performed on stages all over the world, receiving four star reviews, as she entertains her audiences. Tanyalee has headlined in shows across the US, Canada and the UK. She has a keen perception of people and that becomes part of the stories she tells on stage.

Tanyalee gets big laughs from the audience when she tells the bathroom story, which is hilarious and outrageous. She tells a lot of stories about her life and how there is sexy in everyone and sexy comes from within. Tanyalee is down to earth and a delight to talk as she meets and greets everyone after the show. I loved watching Tanyalee on stage and I encourage everyone to see her show.

The show was opened by comedian Cozy Stone who had a great sense of humor and who loves to promote up and coming comedians. Cozy says she is a “Lifetime Student of Life” and a motivational speaker, so we can learn a lot from her. Cozy always has a smile on her face and she is genuinely loving and sincere and a loyal friend.

Cozy Stone

Appearing on the show with Tanyalee was Heath Harmison who warmed up the crowd with his humor and energy. Heath has appeared in numerous comedy clubs, festivals, and colleges and in Edinburgh Scotland at the Fringe Festival, the world’s largest performing arts festival. Heath has a new DVD that is available at all his shows “Live Funny or Die Laughing”.

Heath is very animated as he delivers the punch lines to a very receptive audience. His energy level is extremely high and he holds everyone’s attention during his performance. Heath is very funny and everyone should see his show.

Heath Harmison

Rolan Whitt has been performing in Las Vegas for over 20 years and he has quite a resume. He not only is a standup comic, he is also a writer, hypnotist, actor, comic, karaoke DJ and others, which of course stands for his logo W.H.A.C.K.O. Roland is very natural on stage and a joy to watch. He has written for many comics, including Jay Leno of the Tonight Show and shared shows with many top notch comedians. Rolan appeared with Tanyalee, Cozy and Heath and they were all great.

Rolan Whitt

This was another great night at Big Al’s Comedy Club at The Orleans that featured outstanding comics. I suggest you check out the shows featured at The Orleans.

Cozy, Rolan, Tanyalee & Heath


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