Grandma Lee

Grandma Lee

Grandma Lee will be appearing in the Kings Room at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas for a two month engagement. She gained her fame after appearing on “America’s Got Talent” and last week she turned 78 and has appealed to audiences of all ages.

Grandma Lee Strong is living proof that you can achieve your dreams and goals, no matter how old you are. Almost a decade ago she attended a comedy workshop in Jacksonville Florida and then started to do open mike nights and knew this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Her act is based on 99% of her life experiences and she has a lot of stories to tell.

One of my favorite comics is Anthony Padilla, who opens up the show for Grandma Lee.

Anthony is a handsome young man who captures the hearts of the audience as soon as he comes on stage. He is a natural born comic and is at ease on the stage and engages everyone with his stories and leaves you wanting more. Anthony headlines his own comedy show nightly,”Happy Hour Comedy” at 5:30 pm in the Kings Room at the Rio. It is a true delight to watch Anthony on stage.

Anthony Padilla

Melissa Shoshahi shared the spotlight in the Kings Room. Melissa is an Iranian-American stand up comic and her freshness was a joy to watch. She is based in Los Angeles and performs all over the west coast. She is Persian and uses her Russian and Middle Eastern accents in the skits she performs to delight the audience. Melissa is young and beautiful and shares her thoughts beautifully.

Melissa Shoshahi

Grandma Lee took time before her show for an interview backstage and she was very relaxed and happy to be in Las Vegas, her so called “Adult Disneyworld”.

Grandma Lee


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