The Young Guns of Comedy

The Young Guns of Comedy

Anthony Padilla

The Kings Comedy Club in the Kings Room at the Rio Hotel is the place to be at 7:00 pm, where you will find the funniest comedians in Las Vegas. From Thursday - Sunday at 7:00 and 8:30 pm you will be entertained by the best of the best and you will experience top headliners from across the country. Anthony Padilla headlines The Young Guns of Comedy with such ease and humor, with his handsome boyish looks. After watching him perform for a while you kind of start searching your memory files for one of your friends or relatives that you want to fix him up with. Anthony is someone who you would love to have as part of your family. He is a professional actor and comedian and his mentor is Louie Anderson, who he worked with at the Palace Station for 10 months before coming to the Kings Room. Anthony features two other comedians in his show. He gets his inspiration and humor from everyday life which is the best humor. Anthony says the Las Vegas audiences can be challenging in comparison to other areas but Media night loved him. Anthony will be featured with “Michael Wheels Parise” at the 8:30 Show.

Hosting the comedy show was Jeremy Wieand, actor and stand up comedian who along with the other comics has helped to make the Kings Comedy Club one of the hottest spots in town. Jeremy is sweet and charming and your heart will melt with his beautiful smile and his mischievous twinkling eyes. You know you will instantly want him to be your friend as he gives the best hugs ever. Jeremy has appeared in many T.V. series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, clueless and Big Brother Jake where he plays the role of Andy King. He is the highlight of the show with his funny stories.

Jeremy Wieand

What can I say about “Michael Wheels Parise” that everyone doesn’t already know? He is hilarious from the minute he steps on stage until he exits. It was non stop laughing and I had to hold my sides from the continuous laughter. We can identify with his stories of life as we know it in a crazy R rated way. He is authentic and hysterically funny. Wheels is filming two reality shows and it will be a must see.

Michael "Wheels" Parise

He has over 25 years in the entertainment field, touring all over the country and was the opening act for Andrew Dice Clay for years. We are so happy that he is now in Las Vegas, headlining in the Kings Room where he is making an impact.

                                             2Kings Show

We are happy to announce that on May 1st the 2 Kings show will be moving into the Crown Theatre. In just two short months the show has outgrown the Kings Room due to the overwhelming attendance with full houses. Ice as Michael Jackson and Charlie Franks as Elvis are great entertainers and the audiences love them. The 2 Kings will have a full production show with featured backup singers and dancers. Come and see what all the excitement is about.


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