Rich Little

Rich Little

Photos by Nikki Artale
Impressionist Rich Little is headlining in the Starlite Theater at the Riviera showcasing “Laugh A Little” which should be called Laugh a Lot because that is what everyone was doing. It was such a joy and pleasure to see Rich Little on the stage performing his impressions of many famous artists. He still captures the audience with his comedic abilities and his charm.

Rich said he was very excited to be back in Las Vegas after touring the country with his one man play “Jimmy Stewart and Friends”. He is known for his impressions of political figures and his more than 200 voices.

It was media night when Rich Little hosted a welcome party before the show and it brought out many friends and celebrities, along with the press who gave the show high reviews.

               Steve Rossi, Catherine Brown, Rich Little, Judi Rock, Nikki Artale

                                       Tom Stevens & Perla Stevens
Rich Little’s show is a tribute to the yesteryears of old Las Vegas when all the stars would perform on the strip and their names were boldly displayed on the marquee signs in front of the hotels. Those were the real good old days and that is what it felt like to have Rich Little back in town. I must say it was very exciting to see Rich in person because for so many years I had only seen him on TV. He gave it his all and made sure everyone was enjoying the show as he went through his famous impersonations with songs and dancing. He is in perfect physical form and moves about the stage with lots of energy.

Rich Little took the time to come out after the show to take photos and sign autographs and by his side was his girlfriend Catherine Brown, a stunning brunette who said that Rich is the real thing and she is very happy in their four month relationship. You may have recognized Catherine from Brett Michaels “Rock of Love 2” show were she was a contestant.

                                      Rich Little & Catherine Brown
When the show ends Rich Little will once again tour with his Jimmy Stewart Play, going to Texas, New York, Wisconsin and other states. Rich has written a book “Little by Little” and we are all looking forward to reading it.



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