Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon was at ease as he performed in The Pearl Showroom at The Palms Resort Casino. On March 5-6, 2011 he performed both days at an 8 and 10 pm show to a full house. His jokes about his life with his wife Mariah Carey were so funny and at times I wondered if she was okay with what he was sharing about Mariah. I soon found out that she actually helped him write the material and he referred to himself as a boy toy. The show was being taped for a comedy special, something that he has been working towards his whole life.

Nick Cannon did a great job at impersonating Denzel Washington with spot on imitations of his movements and accent. It was evident by the audience response to his jokes about Denzel.

Connie Brown & Nikki Artale

The Improv, the Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory were places that Nick refined his comedy. He has lots of time to perfect his skills on his radio show “Rolling with Nick Cannon”.

Nick Cannon has a long list on his resume of being a comedian, writer, musician, executive producer and actor. Nick starred in Drumline, Men in Black and is the host of America’s Got Talent. As a host, he has brought a lot of laughter and fun to the show. Nick sings and dances with some of the contestants after they have performed to take away some of their embarrassment if the performance was not good.
He loves Sin City and he left us with these words, “Go out there and do some sinning and go get resaved again at church when you get home”.  Video


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