Shaman Ron Wheelock

Shaman Ron Wheelock

Shaman Ron Wheelock
Photos by Nikki Artale

Victoria and John Alexander hosted a cocktail party in the honor of Shaman Ron Wheelock from Iquitos, Peru at their home on Friday February 18th. Victoria, a long time advocate of the plant medicine Ayahuasca invited Shaman Ron to meet her friends in Las Vegas. I was very excited to meet him and talk about his work with the medicine plant and its healing powers through the plant spirits. In August 2009 Victoria and I went to Feather Crown, a rain forest in Ecuador to visit Shaman Don Luis and participated in several ceremonies.

Victoria Alexander & Shaman Ron Wheelock

Shaman Ron Wheelock had a dream of being a healer and went to the Amazon in Peru in November 1996. He studied with Shaman Augustin Rivas Vasqez and learned the healing powers of the plants. He has studied over 26 plants, including the Ayahusaca Plant and went on plant diets from 3 days to 30 days. Ceremonies are held a couple of times a week in his home in Peru and Ron prepares the Ayahuasca with the jungle vine Banisteriopsis caapi and Chacruna leaves that are cooked for two days. It is known as the vine of the soul and the rope of death.
A Shaman is responsible for the physical and spiritual health of people. He crosses from the natural world into the spiritual world as he sings Icaros to call the spirits of the plants to do healing work.

Kitty Courtney Brown, a Shamanic apprentice, co-organized the trip for Ron Wheelock and worked with Victoria on the event.

Kitty & Sean Brown

Christopher Moore is a documentary filmmaker who is filming Cock Fighting and training by Ron Wheelock. Chris has just finished filming “DumpsterWars: Reno’s Trash Politics”and will be shown in a few festivals before going online in June.
(Burning Man Stuff)

Ron Wheelock & Christopher Moore

Rounding out the guest list was Charles V. Tramont M.D. who incorporates Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression techniques in his medical practice.

                                         Nancy Tramont, Jim Driscoll & Dr. Charles Tramont

John Alexander & Victoria opened up their beautiful home for everyone to meet Ron. John is a Scientist, Author and Military Advisor. His new book UFO’s Myths, Conspiracies & Realities can be purchased on Amazon. UFO’s are real and many find it hard to believe and John’s book reviews major events in UFO history on the facts and myths.

John making his famous Thai Chicken Soup…..delicious.

John Alexander

Victoria's room which is my favorite room to be in.

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