Meatballs of Martorano

Photos by Nikki Artale
You haven’t eaten the best meatball of your life until you eat a meatball from Martorano’s Restaurant. Steve Martorano is the owner of the Italian Restaurant and he attributes his fabulous food to the teachings of his grandmother. As a young boy, Steve would spend many days in the kitchen with his grandmother who taught him how to cook.   
She shared her love and her cooking skills and Steve demonstrates that skill and love in his restaurants. Martorano Restaurant is located in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and also in Florida. People from all over the world come to eat his wonderful Italian food.

Not only do people pay for his food, a select few get to eat his meatballs free once a year when he holds his competitive Meatball Eating Contest. This is the second time that the Martorano Meatball Contest has been held in Las Vegas.

For the second consecutive year Joey “Jaws” Chestnut has won the Meatball Contest by eating 43 meatballs in 10 minutes, earning him an “M” Necklace and $1500.00. Coming in second place by eating 37 meatballs was 74 year old Henderson resident Rich Lefevre, winning $750.00. Third place was won by Juliet Lee, eating 35 meatballs, earning her $500.00.

Steve Martorano,JoeyChestnut,Holly Madison,Rich Lefevre
                                          Steve Martorano & Joey Chestnut

Guest host was Holly Madison who is appearing in Peep Show at Planet Hollywood. Other guest celebrities were celebrity Tattoo Artist Mario Barth.

                                         Steve & Mario Barth
                                          Mario Barth & Robin Leach
Holly Madison & Steve Martorano
Joey is ranked a number one eater and last year earned $218,500 in prize money, appearances and endorsement. Joey holds the title for world’s record of eating 68 Nathan Hot Dogs and buns in 10 minute. There are many other competitive eating contests that are a sight to see, such as, Buffalo Wing Festival held in New York, BBQ Eating Championship held in Myrtle Beach SC, Chili Cheese Fries, Pigs Feet, Pizza, pies, pickles and Ribs.
Major league eating has totaled over $600,000. What a way to go, what a way to eat. Maybe I should start eating in some contests.
The event was exciting to watch and thanks to the staff and crew of The Rio, everything went smoothly under the direction of the Technical Director Paolo Cuccaro.

                                         Paolo Cuccaro Video


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