Rocket Fizz Las Vegas

Rocket Fizz Las Vegas

Yes Virginia, there is a Rocket Fizz Shoppe here in Las Vegas and it will wake up the heart and soul of everyone that is a child at heart. It is a wonderland of candy and pop and old time posters of your favorite movie stars. From the moment you enter the store, you will be swinging and swaying with the old time music as you slowly move about the store.

Along the two back walls you will find a large selection of every imaginable real salt water taffy, in over 60 flavors, surrounding a large T.V. screen playing a Willy Wonka movie. You will think you are in Willie’s candy store with all the never ending selection of candy. I saw candy that was made in the 50’s and it brought back so many memories. Remember the candy dots and the wax filled soda bottles?

I remembered when I was a little girl and I would visit my Aunt Lula every Sunday after church and she would always give me a nickel to buy candy on my way home. A penny could buy one piece of candy and I would buy a nickel’s worth and take it home in a small paper bag. I would point out the pieces I wanted to the shop keeper and every week I bought something different. The Rocket Fizz gave me the same feeling as I looked around at all the candy and sodas.

I met with the two owners, Kevin and Sheila Beaton and they shared their story of how they found the Rocket Fizz business and decided to open the store in Las Vegas. They both reminisced about their candy dreams when they were young. Sheila said “This is the most fun job I’ve had in my life”. You can tell she is having fun by the smile on her face. Kevin comes from a background in the gaming industry and Sheila, a fashion designer, has a notable retail background>photo018.jpg> (Sheila Beaton) (Sheila, Kevin)

Rocket Fizz has been very well received because there is nothing like it here. Sheila and Kevin have affiliations with various bottling companies and distribution centers in California and they have every soda flavor imaginable. There are free soda samplings every Saturday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in Rocket Fizz and all are selected by special requests by the customers. Kevin said there are so many products here and it is difficult to explain and that is he thought of the idea of the free sampling so they could pick out what they wanted to taste. My favorite sodas are Root Beer and Chocolate.

Kevin said that there are times when they will have the chemists and mixers fly in from the east coast to work in the bottling plants to make some of the sodas in here in secret. They did say that they use pure sugar cane instead of the corn sugar and that would account for the great taste of the sodas. People just love to come in and wander around look at all the goodies. Sheila recalled a time when a young teenager came in and said he couldn’t wait to bring his Grandmother and Grandfather in to see the store.

Come on down and see what all the excitement is about in the Rocket Fizz and sample the soda to your heart’s content every Saturday. The store is located at 5130 S. Fort Apache, next to Panera Bread. The store has been a huge success and I can see many more stores opening up in Las Vegas.


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Rocket Fizz store is amazing! I've always been a satisfied customer. Thanks for posting this article. I also read up something similar on Local Vegas Deals.

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