Red Herring Premiere/Red Carpet at AMC 18 Theater in Town Square
Joshua Cohen & Jeremy Settles
Written & Photos by Nikki Artale
The world premiere of Red Herring was held on October 27, 2015 at the AMC 18 Theater in Town Square, following a red carpet that was hosted by G. Eric Miles and Kimberly Miles. This Las Vegas Independent film production was produced and written by Joshua Cohen and directed by Ousa Khun with Jeremy Settles co-producing.
Joshua Cohen & Ousa Khun
Joshua Cohen

Many cast and crew members and VIP’s attended the premiere and walked the red carpet. Red carpets are always exciting because it lets the attendees meet the featured cast members. The story is about the Las Vegas homicide detectives Jack Adamson (Robert Scott Howard) and Mason White (G. Eric Miles) who are investigating the murder of Wilkinson (Ross Alzina). There is a lot of action and suspense and a surprise ending.
G. Eric Miles, Kimberly Miles & Diana Eden

Also featured in the film was Vincent Pastore and Holly Valance and a cameo role of former Mayor Oscar Goodman. It is always fun to see our local personalities appear in these independent films.
Oscar Goodman
G. Eric Miles

If by chance you missed seeing Red Herring you will have a chance to see it when it will be released on Amazon. Go and see this murder mystery and the hunt to find the killer called The Blue Screen.  The story line and the acting was so good and G. Eric Miles played an excellent role in the film, great acting and I loved his performance. I will definitely watch the Red Herring again.