Evil Dead the Musical is a Bloody Killer Show

Photos by Nikki Artale
The Evil Dead Musical 4D is a story about five college students who go to a cabin in the woods and find a Book of the Dead and upon reading the book an evil force is unleashed which turns them into demons. Ash is the hero of the day as he fights the zombies with a chainsaw and a rifle.
Director Sirc Michaels has put together a blood splattering smashing killer show with great zombie choreography and great songs with funny lyrics like “What the F$$k was that”? There is a lot of blood on stage and in the front rows, the splatter zone, where everyone is sprayed with blood from one of the zombies intestines.
Evil Dead Musical is different, unique and it was a lot of fun experiencing this crazy production. I got an invitation to review the show and was put in the VIP section in the fourth row. I really wanted to sit in the splatter zone so I could get the full experience but after seeing all the blood that was squirted on the front rows I was very happy that I wasn’t seated there.  The splatter zone didn’t mind at all, they loved it.
The cast played their roles brilliantly and they had a great time being zombies. They are very talented and they definitely will entertain you with the singing, dancing and hilarious dialogue. It was a fun evening and I loved the show. 

Evil Dead Musical is in the V Theater Miracle Mile Planet Hollywood and shows are Tuesday through Friday at 10:00pm and Saturdays at 11:30pm. Box Office 702 260-7200   


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