Buzz’n Brushes Inspires the Painter to Come Out in Us

Photos by Nikki Artale

Buzz’n Brushes is an Art Class that is entertaining and a place to be creative. It is for the young and for the old and for people who have always wanted to paint. This fabulous painting class is in The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in an amazing venue that is equipped with great lighting and sound system and a large stage. The class starts with Ebony, a Bee Extraordinaire, who gets on stage and instructs the students, step by step, how to start their paintings. There is a lot of music and anyone is moved and inspired to paint


Leading the Buzz’n team is Teresa Leming CBO (Chief Bee Officer) who wants the people who come in one way, having never painted before and then leave inspired and emotional in the painting they created. Teresa said it is about emotions and stimulation and being together with family and friends. Caroline App is a partner in the business and she makes a perfect team with Teresa Leming, showing her love and passion as she goes around the room, from table to table.
Teresa Leming        Caroline App

Buzz’n Brushes is a 2 hour class that includes one 16x20 canvas, paint, paintbrushes and apron.  Paintings are selected from a large collection that is featured on the web site and are also on display in the classroom. I wandered around during a break to look at everyone’s masterpieces and it was heartwarming to see how happy and proud all the artists were, especially Miranda, a three years old who kept up with the class and was so proud of her painting.

If you get hungry there is a pizza kitchen, if you get thirsty there is the Buzz’n Bar and if you want fun pictures of your experience you can go to the Bee Hive Photo Lounge to dress up in Hats, boa’s and glasses.

Half way through the class we took a short break and then the fun began when a hula hoop contest was announced and young and old came up front to do the hula hoop. Teresa shared at one class a woman in a walker came up to dance.  


I encourage everyone to take this class and bring out the artist that is within you. Classes are on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. I had a great time and I had fun painting my chubby owl.


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