Coco Austin Steps In To the Role of Bo Peep
Photos by Nikki Artale

Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas celebrates the newest celebrity headliner, Coco Austin as the new “Bo Peep” in Peep Show. Coco puts on some sexy steamy dances and her self-confidence shows as she struts her stuff in hot, topless dances. The audience applauded and cheered as Coco was lowered to the center stage head first. Her body is amazing and she has astonishing proportions and measurements of 39DD-23-40. 
The cast is amazing and so very talented and under the direction of the Tony winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell. A dance number has been added for Coco showing her splits and much more.
Jerry Mitchell and Cast

Coco will keep busy the next three months headlining in the Peepshow and filming her T.V. Reality series “Ice-T loves Coco” and she is on her way to be a great Bo Peep. The chemistry is perfect between Coco and her co-star Josh Strickland.
Josh Strickland and Coco

A reception was held following the show with lots of pink champagne flowing over four levels of champagne glasses.

 Coco’s mother and sister were there to celebrate her new show and they brought along her dogs, Maximus and Sparticus.
Kristy Williams, Coco Austin and Tina Austin

Many celebrities and local entertainers enjoyed the festivities with Coco. On hand to celebrate was Alicia Jacobs, looking beautiful as usual. Jacobs is one of the ladies in the new T.V. Reality show “Sin City Rules” on the TLC channel Sundays at 10:00 pm.  Sin City Rules is about five powerful women in Las Vegas and it is delightful to see Alicia shine through as the wonderful lady that she is.
Coco and Alicia Jacobs
Peepshow is a sexy striptease show with the hottest dancers who make the audience part of the show as they perform down the catwalks that jut into the audience. It brings back the art of tease as it was in the beginning. Call 800 745-3000 for tickets.


Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

 Larry Flynt hosted an Industry Holiday Party at the Hustler Club in Las Vegas last month for Industry workers. The Hustler Club has 70,000 sq. feet with 3 floors and a basement. The second floor has floating glass stages where you can view the beautiful exotic dancers. The rooftop is a special place to party with access to more bars and stages.

The topless ladies wore one of a kind dress up costumes and fullfilled everyman’s fantasies. There is a lot of glitz and glitter and if you want to duplicate that at home, stop in the Hustler Gift shop where you will find a lot of sexy gadgets.

My favorite DJ is the very handsome Vladimir Lacas who keeps the party going from the DJ booth on the second floor and then comes down to join the partiers on the first floor. Vladimir is also available for private parties, weddings and corporate events. Vlad can be contacted at
Vladimir Lacas

 We were his invited guests, along with his very talented mother, Columnist and Film Critic, Victoria Alexander and we had a wonderful time that evening.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is located at 6007 Dean Martin Drive and are open daily from 4:00 pm to 9:00 am. Call 702 690-9061 for information on free limo rides and free admission to the club.  



Two Great Parties Held at Sapphire Club and Larry Flynt’s Hustlers

Photos by Nikki Artale



                Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club
Sapphire celebrated its 10th Anniversary on December 13th with an all-white party in a winter wonderland. It also was a time to celebrate the $8 million dollar pool and spa which will officially open in March 2013.

Food was provided by many vendors, Island Sushi and Grill, El Segundo Sol, Fatburger and many others. There was an open bar, which we all loved, that served drink specials by Belvedere, Hennessey, Grey Goose, Bacardi and Jagermeister and lots of Moet Ice Champagne.
Get ready to be papered by all the amenities, VIP cabanas, day beds and lounge chairs and a 24 hour service by an indoor/ outdoor restaurant and bar for either a quick snack or a complete meal.

There were a lot of prizes given away that night, such as digital cameras, iPads and iPods and a lot of 14K gold cigars.

Sapphires was filled with beautiful women and everyone was encouraged to dress in white and it looked like a wonderful White Wonderland. www.SapphireLasVegas.


Minus 5 Ice Bar Is a Work of Ice

Minus 5 Ice Bar is the coolest bar in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Resort Hotel at a temperature of 23 degrees. One has to wear a coat, a hat, boots and gloves to keep warm upon entering the Ice Bar. The entire 1200 square feet of space is sculptured ice, from the tables, chairs, benches, walls and ice sculptures.
Nikki Artale
Gina Lewis, Nikki Artale
 Faux furs and deer skins  are scattered throughout on the benches and chairs to ease the feel of the freezing cold as you sit on the structures. I still felt the cold when I sat down and I kept the fur coat wrapped snuggly around me.

Upon entering the ice bar we saw a fully stocked bar with a large selection of premium vodkas and hundreds of glasses made of ice to hold our drinks in. The gloves came in handy because I felt the icy cold glass as I held it to drink. The glasses are custom designed with New Zealand artesian water.

I had first become aware of Ice Castles and Ice Hotels made in Sweden and Canada and had always wanted to enter one of Ice Hotels, so when I saw Minus 5 Ice Bar in the Monte Carlo, I was very excited to go in. It definitely was a cool experience and I definitely will go back again when the temperature is 115 degrees in the hot summer.
Gina Lewis, Nikki Artale
The Minus 5 Ice Bar is open Sunday-Thursday 11:00 am-2:00 pm, Friday-Saturday 11:00 am -3:00 am.

Celebrity cocktails have been named for a few of the visiting celebrities. The ladies of “Fantasy” have a cocktail named Fant-ICE-see and Frankie Moreno has his signature drink Frankie’s Crown and Coke –o-nut.

Come visit the Minus 5 Ice Bar and see what all the ice is about.

Bikram Yoga Summerlin Hosts at Clark County Library

Photos by Nikki Artale

Bikram Yoga Summerlin hosted the 2012 Nevada Regional Yoga Asana Championship at the Clark County Library in Las Vegas Nevada, on December 8, 2012. Many regional events have taken place around the country to qualify competitors for the USA Yoga International Yoga Asana Championship which will take place in New York on March 3-4, 2013.

Sharon Jalene served as Master of Ceremonies for the event and Stephine Dixon co-hosted.
Stephanie is Executive Director and owner of Bikram Yoga Summerlin. 
Sharon Jalene
Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury the founder of Bikram Yoga is an Indian yoga guru who started learning Hatha Yoga poses at the age of three. He has created a 26 posture series and in a room heated to 105 degrees, it is known as Hot Yoga.

The judges Cynthia Wehr, Rima Hinnawi and Aiko Nakasone judged the competitors on their technical execution, their poise, grace and composure. Each competitor executed a total of seven postures, five compulsory and two optional in a three minute time frame. The judges then selected who would advance to compete in the National Asana Championship.
Cynthia Wehr, Rima Hinnawi, Aiko Nakasone

Before the start of the competition, Dom and Danielle put on a demonstration of their yoga skills.
Alexis Baranoff represented the youth group.
Alexis Baranoff

Men’s Division:

1st place Cameron Farney   
Cameron Farney
2nd place Jerrett Runnels
3rd place Jon Paul Biond

Paul Benedict
Matt Lisowski
Darren Snipes

Vladimir Lacas
This was the second year that Vladimir Lacas competed in the Nevada Regional Yoga Asana Championship. Vladimir placed second in the 2011 competition.

Skin City Body Painting Hosts Wonder Woman Art Exhibit
Robin Barcus-Slonina

Skin City owner Robin Barcus-Slonina held an art exhibition for artists to participate and celebrate Wonder Woman in her downtown studio Skin City Body Painting at 1209 S. Main St. The artists created their own pieces of art to celebrate Wonder Woman, the Amazon Warrior Princess.

Skin City Body Painting Studio holds a live body painting demo on the First Friday within the Arts District that also supports the First Friday. On display in the studio were paintings, sculptures and art pieces made by many talented artists.
Penny Pibbets Sock Doll
Sam Gorrie made a Wonder Woman Wig stand which caught the eye of everyone browsing in the studio workshop.

20 Local artists created unique pieces that were inspirational and awesome and one of a kind pieces in honor of Wonder Woman. Alyssa Nott , a beautiful competitive fitness model was masterfully transformed into Wonder Woman by Robin who has mastered the art of body painting to realistic body art.
Everyone agrees that the creations made by Robin are eye popping and jaw dropping and Robin has won many awards and prizes and has won many costume contests. Outstanding are the body paintings of Avatar, Zombies and Day of the Dead, to name a few.

It was a touching moment to see Robin’s son Leo play in the studio. He was right at home and stole everyone’s heart as he talked and played with us. He was mesmerized by Mickey Silver, a slight of hand master, known as “The Fastest Hands in the World”.
Leo and Robin
Mickey Silver and Leo
Robin has an art degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and is known for having the best body painting team in Las Vegas. They create any theme asked for and bring it to life. It is so real that you can hardly believe it is real. Spectacular, creative and beautiful are only a few words to describe the body painting. Her heart and soul is in every body she paints. It was a privilege and a pleasure to watch a master at work.

After three hours this is the finished body and I must say that at the end of three hours, Robin looked just as fresh as when she started and I was the one that was tired after three hours.
Alyssa Nott