Gigolo's at Sapphires

Gigolo’s at Sapphires

             Vin Armani, Steven Gantt, Nikki Artale, Brace

On January 20, 2012 the Gigolo’s hosted a Bachelorette Party at Sapphires Gentlemen’s Club in the Ladies Only Showroom. It was a night to remember with all the hard bodies of the Men of Sapphire who put on a fabulous show.

                 Kaleb, Vin, Steven, Long, Brace & Rico

The Gigolo’s is a new Showtime hit Series about the high end male escorts in Las Vegas who will fulfill the ultimate sexual fantasies of women. The series follows the five men on their dates. Garren James is the agent for the Gigolo’s and his escort service is called “Cowboys 4 Angels”. Everyone loves cowboys and everyone that night loved the hot, sexy men and the women shamelessly hugged and kissed them. One lady actually jumped on Steven and wrapped her legs around him.

Steven Gantt is tall, dark and handsome and knows how to charm the women. The gleam in his eye and his beautiful smile melts a woman’s heart immediately. He is a hands on person and he knows how to touch and hold a woman. Steven has a way about him that makes women feel comfortable and at ease with him. He is a true romantic. What I love about Steven the most is that he is a dedicated father and has a heart of gold. He reminds me of Rock Hudson who was every woman’s fantasy. I consider Steven my friend for life.
                                                                 Steven Gantt
Brace is so handsome and when you look into his beautiful blue eyes, your heart melts. I thought he looked great on T.V. but he is gorgeous in real life. At six feet tall, he has a great body thanks to the years of body building. Brace is known by his Brace Philosophy and we look forward to his own words of wisdom. He reminds me of a Greek God with his bronzed, sculpted body and blonde hair. Brace now calls Las Vegas home so be on the look out to see him around town. The Gigolo’s have filled their shows at Town Square, The Peppermill, The Artisan, Piero’s and Nora’s Wine bar. I am personally going to invite him out to local events to meet all the ladies.

Vin Armani has such a great personality and he is full of life, easy going and fun to be around. He is exactly the way he is shown on T.V. He looks for the positive and funny side of life and immediately puts a woman at ease. He is easy going and will do anything to please you, which is rare in a man. Vin looked like he had the most fun of the evening and the women simply adored him. His girlfriend Leilani was there with him and they looked like the perfect couple.

Vin Armani

                                        Vin & Leilani

Now onto the fabulous Men of Sapphire who entertain and give private lap dances to the eager bachelorettes. The women love the close encounters with the men and it is an evening of fun and excitement. All the men are popular but the one outstanding dancer is Rico, who has the body of a Mr. Universe.

Rico and Long


The women are encouraged to crowd around the stage for the chance that they will be pulled on stage with the men and be up close and personal. The show is every Friday and Saturday from 10:00 pm to 12:00 and it is non stop entertainment with the hot, sexy Men of Sapphire. It is the world’s largest Gentlemen’s Club with 70,000 square feet of topless entertainment and it is located at 3025 S Industrial Road. For more information call 702 869-0003.   

Gigolo’s Season 1 has been released on DVD and the Gigolo’s went on stage to give away free copies to a few lucky ladies. 
                                      The Gigolo's             Steven, Brace & Vin

I know there has been lots of negative publicity and stories about the Gigolo’s, but they are wrong about them. I met them personally and I can say that they are genuine, have good hearts and oh so handsome and wonderful to be with. I love them.

2 Kings King of Pop & King of Rock

2 Kings
King of Pop & King of Rock

The Kings Room in the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino will be the home to a new show the

2 Kings, featuring Chris Gardner as Michael Jackson and Steve Connolly as Elvis. Opening night is January 27, 2012 at 5:30 pm. Show times Tuesday through Sunday, 5:30-6:30 pm, dark Mondays. The Two Kings of Pop and Rock are perfect in their tributes to Michael and Elvis and it is a magical night filled with songs and dance.

Chris Gardner studied Michael Jackson since he was a young boy, watching him on T.V. and he has perfected his moves. This comes natural to Chris because he comes from a musical background with his mother being a dancer and his father a singer. Not only did Chris perfect the dance routines, he also perfected the make up and body moves to a Tee.

All this practice paid off because when he entered a talent contest in High School as Michael Jackson, the crowd went wild and he loved the spot light.

Chris has traveled all over the world performing as Michael and has just recently returned to Las Vegas after a year long tour in Japan. I personally think that he is the best MJ impersonator in the world.

Now let’s add Steve Connolly as Elvis on stage and the room is electrifying with the 2 Kings. Steve is one of the top Elvis Tribute Artist in the world. He has over 4000 performances and many of them on the Las Vegas Strip in the MGM, Bally’s, Riviera, Fitzgerald’s, to name a few. He is Presley perfect with his real pompadour hair and sideburns and looks great in his beautiful Elvis outfits.

Audiences will experience the real “Spirit of the King” with the music of the ‘50s and ‘70s.

The Two Kings, Michael and Elvis have earned a spot in our hearts and this tribute show to them will bring back all those memories of the two great artist of our time.

Tom Biscardi, Producer, Nikki Artale, Co-Producer.

                                                                 Bethany Owen

Bethany Owen is known as the Woman of 1001 Voices and Faces and holds the world title of “Best Female Voice Impressionist”. She has the ability to mimic the human voice. She has over 50 famous female superstars that she includes in her one-woman stage show.

Bethany combines her music, comedy in her impressions of Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Liza and Judy Garland, to name a few. She has perfected the looks of the character with spot on body language and facial expressions.

The Kings Room will also be home to the one woman show of Bethany Owen starting on January 27, 2012 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday. It will be an exciting opening for Bethany’s show because we badly need a female impressionist who can do it all.

Jim Whirlow, Producer, Tom Biscardi, Co-Producer

The Rio All Suite Casino and Hotel ishappy to welcome the 2 Kings Show and Bethany Owen Show to their list of shows.
                                             Opening Night  Friday January 27, 2012
2:30-3:30****Bethany Owen
5:30-6:30****2 Kings Show

Vegas Magic Theatre

Vegas Magic Theatre

                                                    Ben Stone
Photos by Nikki Artale

On January 5, 2012 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, the media and distinguished guests were in attendance in the Vegas Magic Theatre to see a night of magic. Paul Stone has put together a cast of magicians, illusionists and specialty acts for a 70 minute showcase. Ben Stone, son of Paul Stone, hosted the show and performed his magic skills and his singing abilities. Ben has a powerful voice to go along with his heart throb image and his charming ways. Take a back seat ladies because according to Jasmin Trias, they have been dating for a couple of years now.

                                                   Jasmin Trias & Ben Stone

It was a wonderful surprise to see Jasmin Trias perform on the stage because I thought we were only going to see a magic show that night. I am a fan of the reality show “American Idol” and I still can remember the fresh, young, beautiful Jasmin when she was in Season three in 2004, at a young age of 16. She finished in third place and won the hearts of America, and also the hearts of the audience on Thursday night at the Magic Theater. Since then she has toured the world, released two albums in the U.S. and Asia and is currently working on her third album. Jasmin is singing with “The Society of Seven” and their next appearance will be at the Sun coast on January 20-21, 2012.

                                        Ben Stone & Jasmin Trias

Mixing magic and comedy is a plus and that is what Michael Goudeau does as he rides his unicycle on stage. We were sitting on the edge of our seats as Michael skillfully balanced himself and managed to stay on his cycle which created lots of laughter.

Video 096

Astounding the audience was Murray Sawchuck who was featured on “Americas Got Talent” and he received standing ovations from the judges, Howie Mandell, Sharon Osbourn and Piers Morgan. Murray didn’t disappoint us with his magic and his outstanding hair.

Adam Flowers, a street magician kept the magic going in the Magic Lounge before the show where it is close up and personal. There you can enjoy the sleight of hand artists as they perform their magic close up and even then you still don’t know how they do it. The question on everyone’s mind is “How did they do that”.

                                         Adam Flowers

Natasha from Russia was also in the Magic Lounge reading Tarot cards before the show.

I had my cards read and Natasha said she was having a hard time reading my cards because I had it all together and nothing was standing out. I guess all my self help seminars and workshops have impacted my life, so I’m good.

Amy O’Brien & Natasha

I have a friend, Mickey Silver who has the fastest hands in the world and I keep asking him how he does the magic tricks and he won’t tell me. I shouldn’t feel bad though because I asked his wife Debbie if she knew and she said he won’t tell her either.

Another entertaining act was Mike Douglas who included the ever popular bird tricks.

It was exciting to see and talk with Siegfried and Lance Burton in the lounge. Siegfried has always been my favorite Magic Man and I can still picture him strutting on the Mirage stage with all his power, grace and power, along with his partner Roy. I miss that show.

Siegfried & Lance Burton

                                       Siegfried & Nikki Artale

Bill Boyd, Kerry Burke and Paul Stone welcomed everyone to the show and shared in cutting the celebration cake.

                                            Robin Leach

A final curtain call that ended the “Magic of the Night”

Every week there will be a new line up of new acts. Show times are Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 7 p.m., and Saturday at 5 and 7:30 p.m. The Magic Lounge entertainment will be one hour prior to the show. Tickets are $14.95 plus tax and convenience fees. Call 702 367-7111 or visit

Brad Tassell

Brad Tassell

Photos by Nikki Artale

If you want to spend an afternoon feeling good and feeling happy, then head out to the Royal House in Las Vegas to see the comedy of Brad Tassell. Brad headlines his show, called Comic Therapy that makes the audience feel good. It is very evident of how much he loves his wife and daughter as he talks about family and about life.

As you enter the showroom you will see Brad Tassell mingling and talking with everyone, putting them at ease and making a connection with the audience before the show starts. He asks everyone to get a Thera-cookie and paint a picture on it with colored icings, which he later will analyze and interpret and tell them about themselves from the artistry.

I would pay attention to what Brad is saying because not only is he a gifted author and comedian, he is finishing up a Masters in Counseling and Gifted Education at Western Kentucky University. He brings all this knowledge into his show which is funny and enlightening at the same time. His singing and guitar playing is very good and he holds the audience’s attention the entire 60 minutes of the show.

Brad has been a stand up comedian for 23 years and eight of those years he was a favorite on the Carnival Cruise Lines. He said by working with Carnival all those years, he was able to be a stay at home dad which he loved and it made a big difference in his life with his family.

Brad has been seen with Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy, to name a few. Brad is known as the clean comedian and puts on a great show for children. He loves children and has visited over 100 schools and spoke to them about his award winning best selling novel “Don’t Feed the Bully”. The book teaches important lessons about bullying and at the same time it is very funny and entertaining. It is the story of Hannibal Greatneck lll who must deal with the bully problem at the elementary school he is enrolled in. The information in the book helps students to use their intelligence in dealing with and overpowering the bullies.

I recommend you go to see Brad Tassell at the Royal House on Convention Center Drive for an afternoon of sheer joy and laughter. His show starts at 2:00 pm everyday.