Big Brother 2010

Big Brother Bash 2010
                                                    Brendon Villegas & Rachel Reil

Meet & Greet
It was party time again in Las Vegas on September 17-19, 2010 for the Reality Stars of Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, VH1 and MTV. I once again joined in the celebration put together by Niki Congero of Live at the Studio. Everyone welcomed the new houseguests from BB12 and it was like old home week. The fans partied right along with the players.

Niki Congero, Sheila Kennedy & Dan Kaminski
On September 17 the Meet & Greet took place at Bally’s Hotel & Casino in the penthouse suite and the crowd overflowed into the hallways. Everyone was so excited to see one another. Making a grand entrance was Enzo Palumbo with his wife Joella, his mother and his beautiful 10 month old daughter Gia, who was the center of attraction.
                                           Enzo, Missy, Gia & Joella
We loved seeing Chima Simone because she did not attend last year and everyone enjoyed meeting her at the party.

                                           Niki, Enzo & Casey
                                          Britney Haynes & Monet Stunson BB12
Erika Landin & Adam Gentry from Survivor Cook Islands is a stunning couple who met when Erika was doing the casting for Survivor. It was love at first site.
                                                     Joe Barber, Erika Landin BB4/BB7 & Adam Gentry, Survivor
                                                Enzo & JessieThe winner of BB12 is Hayden Moss, a 24 year old college student who said he did not think he would win when he first came into the BB house. He said he would put his winnings into good use and I’m sure that will include his grandparents who he talked very highly with lots of love.

                                           Hayden Moss & Nikki Artale
Lane Elenburg was the second place $50,000 winner and coming in third place was Enzo Palumbo. Too bad there wasn’t a third place money prize because Enzo did deserve some money. Enzo brought together the Bra-Gade and that is what carried them all through to the final three.

                                                       Casey Turner BB11 & Lane Elenburg

            Libra Thompson, Kristen Bitting, April Lewis, Rachel Plencner & Annie Whittington
                                         Parker Deleon, Alex Coladonato & Joe Barber
                                          Eliza Orlins, Jonny Fairplay & Yauman, Survivor Stars
Keith Mueller, a fabulous talented artist, showing the picture he donated for the fund raising auction.
Red Carpet Blue Martini Town Square
The main bash took place on Saturday September 18 at Town Square. The Blue Martini reserved the back bar in the VIP lounge for an open bar party and you can imagine how everyone partied.

                                          Cowboy BB5Tattoo
                                         Brendon & Rachel and her family
Rachel's sister Elissa looked so much like Rachel and I had the thought that it would be nice if she was in the BB house next year. It was a pleasure to meet Rachel's mother Noreen and father Kevin. They were a delight to talk to and were very proud of Rachel. They are a special family.

Earl Cole Winner Fiji Survivor & Daniele Reyes
Angelique "Frenchy" Morgan looking beautiful and gorgeous as always.
Hogs & Heifers
The day started with the Reality Stars being picked up at Bally’s by motorcycles, limos and the Mob Experience Prison Bus. It was a sight to be seen as they were dropped off at Hogs & Heifers to the delight of the fans and everyone around the Freemont Street Experience. Cooks were manning the BBQ and the Beer Pong tables were being set up. There was an auction for the fans to bid on their favorite Reality Star to play the game with. This was also a charity event with the proceeds going to Faith House and Poppy Foundation.

BBQ was delicious
Transportation by Bikes, Limo's & Mob Experience Bus
Casey & Libra
                                          Niki Congero, Nick Starcevic & Michelle Dell
                                         Sheila & ChelseaOne of my favorite Amazing Race 16 stars was Louie Stravato. He is the popular, fun loving detective from Rhode Island and also a hunk of a body builder.

                                                        Louie Stravato
Michelle Dell, Liza Cruz & Cowboy

Winning first place in the beer pong tournament was Jennifer Widerstrom from American Gladiator.

Jennifer Widerstrom

Sugar 2nd Place Winner

Niki Congero 15 Minute Fame Winner
Michelle Costa, S**t Talker Award

The weekend went by so fast and now all we are left with are the memories of the great time we had and we can’t wait until next year for BB13.
 Nick Starcevic Auction
Niki Congero & Johnny Fairplay/Casey & Vicky Quagliata
 Michelle Costa


Anonymous said...

You look ridiculous .... like a clown. And I hope never to see Rachel nor her family on my television again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics.
I love Rachel and Brendon, they were the only reason I watched the I watch their U stream , and they are a riot.
Her family seem great too. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope to never see either of them again. And I hope to never see or hear Enzo again. Sorry people.

Julie said...

omg honey, you do look like a clown. You need to really look at yourself, way too old for this.

rob said...

Funny hoe Chima wanted nothing to do with BB,now she's everywhere with them.I can not stand her ugly ass.

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