A Chocolate Affair to Remember

A Chocolate Affair to Remember

The sixth annual chocolate affair was held on February 5th at the Suncoast Hotel and as usual there were hundreds of people waiting on line to get into the ballroom. Sunny 106.5 KSNE radio station hosted the event with our always popular, favorite people in attendance, Melanie, Michael Neal and Tom Chase. They were on hand to greet everyone and we always look forward to seeing them at the event and spending time talking to them.

(Melanie & Michael)                       (Melanie & Tom)

The thought of chocolate brought visions of sugar plums to my mind as I waited to go into the room. As we entered we saw chocolate displays on the many tables that were set up and it reminded me of a Willy Wonka chocolate factory where you could taste and eat everything chocolate. I loved the chocolate liquors and wines at the Little Black Dress Wines and the lovely ladies that were serving the drinks.

One of my favorite tables was the” Popcorn Girl” that had Gourmet Popcorn with over 50 delicious flavors made fresh in their store. Some mouthwatering flavors we tasted were Heath Toffee Almond, Butterfinger, S’mores, White Chocolate Pretzel, Milk Chocolate Peppermint and Strawberry Cheesecake. The most exciting thing is that you can taste samples of the popcorn in the store, which is located at 8550 W Charleston in the Durango Commons Shopping Center. I have found my new favorite store.

Ferraro’s brought chocolate chip pizza and Italian pastries which were absolutely delicious.

Not only were we wined and dined, we were entertained by the talented Edwards Twins. The crowd loved them and they put on a great show for everyone. Anthony Edwards, as Elton John, played the piano and you could have believed he was Elton as he sang.

Then his brother Eddie Edwards came on stage as Cher and the crowd went wild. Eddie is such a fabulous talent. His make up and outfit was befitting of a Cher. I am looking forward to seeing their show downtown at Hennessey’s.  (Video Eddie Edwards)

Here is an interesting study reported by the BBC indicating that melting chocolate in one’s mouth produced an increase in brain activity and heart rate that was more intense that that associated with passionate kissing, and also lasted four times as long after the activity had ended.

Now that is a great reason to eat chocolate. See you next year at the Chocolate Affair.

Human Nature

Motown is known for its upbeat style of rhythm and blues and Human Nature has captured this beat in their dynamic song and dance arrangements. From the time they come on stage, it is non stop singing and dancing, accompanied by a large live band. The audience gets on their feet and the floor and seats start to vibrate. The room comes alive with the audience singing along. They are full of life and non stop energy.

It is with great pride that Smokey Robinson introduces the group from Australia at the beginning of the show via a video screen. The four men, Toby Allen, Phil Burton and Brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney have been singing together as a group since high school. They have perfected their style after many years of performing together. My favorite songs were “Baby I Need Your Love” by The Four Tops, “The Way You Do the Things You Do” by The Temptations and “Stop In The name Of Love” by The Supremes.
Toby Allen
The group changes many times to beautiful coordinated suits and tuxedos during the 80 minute show. They are impeccable and perfect in their stage presence and performances. Andrew Tierney, who is the group founder, remarks about the “four white Aussies singing Motown”.
Andrew Tierney
There are times when they come right into the front rows on the tables and up and down the aisle and take everyone by surprise as to how close they are performing to the audience. One lucky lady went onstage and sang “My Girl” with Andrew and she was quite good.

Human Nature ended by singing a cappella “Ooh Baby Baby” which was the highlight of the show. They are amazing so go and see them at The Imperial Palace and you will be singing the songs for days and weeks as you have warm memories of the Motown Era.

To everyone’s joy and delight, Toby, Phil, Andrew and Michael met after the show and signed their CD’s and took photos with everyone.

(Toby Allen, Andrew Tierney, Michael Tierney, Phil Burton)
The Magic of Seth Grabel and Steve Dacri
Two Magical Magicians

Seth Grabel has fun doing his magic shows and it is a joy to watch him. He not only is a good magician, he is a great performer. Seth has perfected his show with a lot of constant practice. Seth has performed in many clubs and is the opening act for The Amazing Jonathan at the Harmon Theater in Planet Hollywood. Taking him back to his childhood dreams is the Mystical Magic Camp that he holds for children. After a week of training they perform on stage, much to the delight of their parents.
Seth grew up watching his dad perform magic and he loved it. While in college at UNLV, he chose to stay home and practice the art of magic while his friends were out partying. Practice makes perfect and he is an artist in creating great illusions. Seth would love to perform with his dad and they will be doing a show together in the near future. Now that will be a show to see.
Seth looks for good natured people in the audience and he brings them onstage and includes them in his act. A lot of them are natural hams and it is a great mix in the show.

Seth ends his show disappearing and reappearing in a trunk, assisted by his lovely assistant Ashlee Malyar.

Seth Grabel’s shows are at the Bonkerz Comedy Club at the Palace Station, the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay and at Club Fortune Casino in Henderson. Give yourself a little magic and see Seth Grabel’s magic show.

Steve Dacri

I was invited to go to see a show starring Steve Dacri at the Las Vegas Hilton last week and I thought I was going to see just another magician. Boy was I wrong. He was the best magician I had ever seen and he was close up to the audience and I still could not see his slight of hand. He teased a lot by having his hand go into his pocket to hide the trick but time and again we were wrong as it was not in his pocket. I loved his humor and his stories and I was paying attention to that more than what his hands were doing, so I guess that is why I missed what was happening to the tricks.

We were so close and we still did not see what was happening right in front of our eyes. Steve is a master performer. His card tricks were mind boggling and after 30 years of doing magic I would say he is a master magician. He also teaches magic to other professional magicians.
Steve is most proud to have received the honor of becoming a member of “Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star” which is compromised by the world’s best magicians.

After watching his show, I can see why he was presented this honor. Following his show we attended an after party and got a chance to visit with Steve.I am still amazed at what I saw.

It Does a Body Good
An ultimate girls night out is going to see the Chippendale’s at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. From the moment the men come on stage, until the curtain closes, there is mass hysteria of screaming and yelling from all the women in the audience. It does not matter how young or old the women are, they are all feeling the same emotions watching these gorgeous hunks.

On February 11, 2010 the men of Chippendales celebrated their 3,000 performance and 8 glorious years at the Rio Hotel. The Las Vegas Review Journal named it the Best Male Strip Show and Las Vegas Weekly gave it 5 stars. The Chippendales have a cast of 12 handsome, steamy sexy, firemen, hunky cowboys and men in uniform. They are all in top tip shape and have bodies to die for.
The most exciting part of the show is the hands on interaction with the women in the audience and some are lucky enough to be brought up on stage, which is the best place to be when the men, their backs turned to the audience, rip off their G strings and the women find themselves getting a bird’s eye view of the jewels. A few women get souvenirs when the men tear off their T shirts and throw them into the audience.

Mike Easterling

Lalaa with the Chippendales

It is a 75 minute show but if the audience keeps screaming the show will go on longer. I didn’t time the show but I know there was a lot of screaming going on. Sitting in front of me was the cast from “Wonderland” which was filming their pilot film there for a new reality show. Chloe Latanzi, known as Laala, who is the daughter of Olivia Newton John, will be starring in the TV show along with Mike Easterling. Laala had a great time after the show posing with some of the Chippendales. She is very beautiful and looking so much like Angelina Jole. They had a great time.

Following the show the cast celebrated with a cake in the shape of a Chippendale torso and then met everyone in the Flirt Lounge.

The Chippendales perform nightly at 8:00 p.m. and additional shows on Friday and Saturday at 10:30 p.m. For tickets, call 702 777-7776. Whatever your fantasies are, you will find it in the Chippendale show. It may be a girl’s ultimate night out, but they have the ultimate job.