Realty One Group Christmas Party 2009

Brian Hoffman as Red Skelton

Brian Hoffman as Red Skelton

Brian Hoffman has finally put a show together to pay tribute to Red Skelton at the Royal Resort Hotel. The hour long show “Remembering Red” brought back many fond memories of our beloved Red Skelton with his wacky routines, funny jokes and his pantomime classics. It was a nostalgic step back in time with his lovable characters.

The audience loved him as he went through his routine of the two seagulls, Gertrude and Heathcliffe, Freddy the Freeloader and Clem Kadiddlehopper. The jokes were funny and considering that Brian has been impersonating Red for over five years, he had it down pat. The show was 90 minutes long and it was non stop laughter the entire time. Brian not only looks like Red, he actually sounds and acts like him. I was impressed with Brian’s red hair coloring, which is a new addition to his look. He looks good.

This is a family friendly show, with no profanity so all ages are welcome, especially the senior members of our generation because they will surely remember Red and they will leave with a warm spot in their heart. The show is hilarious and everyone walks out with a smile on their face.

Brian Hoffman started his stand up comic routine 15 years ago and has performed in clubs across the United States. He has brought his comedic genius of Red Skelton as an opening act for Larry G. Jones, at the Royal Resort Hotel for over a year now. The hotel is at 99 Convention Center Drive (corner of Las Vegas Blvd & Convention Center Drive)

I must say that my favorite character is Freddy the Free Loader and in less than two minutes Brian sits on stage with his back to the audience and puts on Freddy’s face, and everyone is happy. 

I am the happiest one of all when I get a big hug from Freddy.

Slide Show

Rich Natole

Rich Natole

A Repertoire of Famous Celebrities

I met with Rich Natole last month at the Tropicana Hotel for an interview before he went back stage for the Wayne Newton Show “Once before I Go”. Rich talks off stage to Wayne as the voices of President Reagan and Dean Martin and he does a great impersonation of them.

Wayne Newton on stage

Rich was flattered when Wayne Newton asked him to appear with him in his new show. Rich remembers when his father took him to see Wayne fifteen years ago at the Frontier Hotel, and after all these years he never thought that he would be calling Wayne Newton his friend.

As I sat across from Rich I could not help but notice how young looking and handsome he was. I told him that I wanted to talk about the things he hasn’t told anyone before and becasue he came from an Italian dysfunctional family, I thought there would be a lot of great stories. Rich said as a young boy he was quiet and shy in social settings but not in large groups or on the stage.

Rich Natole

From the age of eight years old he lived and breathed baseball until he turned fourteen and then his interest changed to the stage. It was at this time that he started to impersonate his teachers and his friends told him he was very funny. Rich started to do public announcements over the loud speaker impersonating different celebrities. A favorite impression he did was of Howard Cosell among many others. Rich did stand up comedy shows in high school and was quite good at it.

In 1977 Rich got his first job performing two fifteen minute shows at $15.00 a night and a free dinner. He auditioned for a magic theater dinner house and Rich thought this was good because he was getting paid to do something he loved to do. His father was a great support in his life as he drove him to his jobs at the comedy clubs every week in San Francisco.

Rich loves to impersonate Columbo, Elvis, Jerry Sienfield, Jay Leno, Regis Philbin, Johnny Carson and many more. He also enjoys getting together with other comedians and that is when they create material for their acts. Some of their best material and jokes come from these meetings. I would like to be a fly on the wall watching and listening to all of them.

The family is proud of the children, Mia 7 years old has recently performed in her school show and showed her talent as a singer. Mickey, 10 years old does magic tricks so all the magicians in town better watch out for him when he decides to perform in one of the strip theaters. Watch out for Rich Natoli too as he will be starring once again in a major hotel with his Voices of a Generation. He will fully entertain you, so be prepared to watch a master comic impressionist.

Jay White

Jay White’s Diamond

At the Riviera Hotel on December 3, 2009 the curtain came down on the final show for Jay White’s tribute show to Neil Diamond. Jay’s six month contract turned out to be an eight year run with 2000 performances. It was a magical evening and Jay White once again thrilled the audience with his songs. Jay’s vocals, mannerism and stage presence was spot on. If you closed your eyes you would think you were listening to Neil Diamond in concert.

Jay White  on stage
The band was fabulous and King Errisson was outstanding on the drums. Neil Diamond calls King the best percussionist in the world. King Errisson has been part of the touring band since 1976. King’s latest CD “Conga Serenade” is available now.

King Errisson, Nikki Artale

Jay will be touring with his show, now that he is not committed to a nightly show at the Riviera. It is exciting that everyone will remain together and the fans will be able to experience this wonderful show.

Jay has written a show, which has been in the works for fourteen years, about an immigrant boy who comes to America. The music and songs of Neil Diamond tell the story in “Brooklyn Road”. The show will be premiering in a Las Vegas Hotel very soon.

An after party was held after the show and Jay got to spend time with his band, friends, family and fans. His manager Steve Hart and publicist Terese DiMartino helped to celebrate his last show. Jay and his wife Pam were in high spirits mingling with everyone.

Pam and Jay White


Steve Hart, Jay White, Terese Dimartino

Sandy is Neil Diamonds number one fan and friend for over 30 years. She has transferred that friendship to Jay who she considers the next best Diamond.

We want to thank you Jay for all the years of memories that you haave given us. You have touched our hearts and we are looking forward to seeing you agin in your new show.
Diamonds are forever and you are ours forever.
Hash House a Go Go

6800 West Sahara Avenue

Hash House A Go Go was the place to be on December 1, 2009 because the customers got an extra treat while eating their breakfast. They were entertained by the dealertainers, the performers from Imperial Palace. General manager Jeff Solomon of Harrah’s announced the opening of a second location of Hash House A Go Go in the Imperial Palace Hotel. Jeff said they were very excited and thrilled that HHGG will be a part of Harrah’s family.

Dealertainers Imperial Palace

Jeff Solomon

Jim Rees, Jim Nyberg and Bill Underhill are the 3 owners who have been working together for the last five years. Jim Rees built and ran all the Hard Rock Cafes and he now runs the every day operations of the Hash House. Bill Underhill has a background of an MBA, working on Wall Street and is a lawyer. That experience comes in handy when he negotiates all the deals. Jim Nyberg handles the money and the financial end of it. The three men all compliment each other and they make a powerful team.

Jim Rees, Jim Nyberg, Bill Underhill

Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles, Adam Richman Man V Food, Jim Rees

I searched around the restaurant to find someone who had ordered the Chicken Benedict and I found Julie Ferguson who had ordered it and she was packing away the remains. Her husband Cory had ordered the Pancake Tractor Drive Combo and as he scraped his frying pan clean, he said it was the best breakfast he ever had. Julie and Cory came to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and came here early because they too had watched Man V Food and wanted to try the Chicken Benedict. She said she was not disappointed and it was beyond her expectation and it was phenomenal. She surely convinced me because I will go back and order one. The media was treated to a special giant “Strip Bound” pancake made with bananas and topped with whipped cream.

Julie Ferguson

Cory Ferguson

Jim Rees describes the twisted farm food as comfort food with a presentation. It is the freshness and quality of the food that he is proud to serve and that is why everyone keeps coming back for more. It was a busy day at Hash House A Go Go and I stopped in the kitchen to check it out and it was spotless.

As I was preparing to leave I could not help but notice that the ladies from the dealertainers were having a whole complete breakfast. You can’t resist the urge to eat food when you are there.

Nichole Shields, Lana Reiss, Kelly Vohnn
Dealertainers Imperial Palace
I will be going to the Imperial Palace next week to have one of their delicious meals and I hope to see you there too. We locals will always support them. The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.